10to8 offers the ability to send notifications and reminders to your staff for appointments they have. This guide outlines how to set up and manage these messages.


All features discussed in this article can be found under 'Configuration' > 'Messaging' > 'Staff Messaging' in your 10to8 account.

head to this page to set up staff messaging

Booking Notifications

10to8 can notify relevant staff when a new booking is placed with them.  You can enable or disable these notifications, as necessary by adjusting the toggles for these.

adjust the toggle to enable or disable that method of communication

Please note:

  • If the staff member places the booking on the 10to8 calendar, they will not be notified of the new booking.
  • Currently, it is not possible to modify staff message contents.


You can add as many reminders as necessary by clicking the +ADD button.

A breakdown of each option can be found below.

an example reminder.

choose the method of notification

This first option allows you to choose between, Email, SMS, and Desktop notification for the reminder.

Next, you can set how long before the appointment you wish to remind the staff member of their upcoming appointment. It is only possible to set reminders for staff currently, not follow-up messages.

Finally, if you wish to remove a reminder, you can do so by clicking the red trash can icon. 

For More Help

If you experience any issues or have any questions about staff messaging, please do reach out to our Support team. You can do so by clicking here.