This article will talk you through the steps that you can take to investigate any issues with your Zoom video conferencing software integration. 


How To Connect To Zoom

Step one is to ensure you have followed all the instructions correctly in How to Connect Zoom - please click here to open this guide.

What To Check

It is important to check that:

  • The booking has a customer attached.
  • The location of the booking is set to "Online/Phone".
  • The booking is assigned to you (or the staff member that is trying to hold the meeting).

A screenshot of the appointment sidebar highlighting important fields to include in the booking.

  • The Zoom account is only linked to one account and not multiple staff member logins. 
  • Any errors have been dismissed under "Integrations" > "Zoom Conferencing".

A screenshot of the Zoom Integration tab of errors to be dismissed.


Sometimes all the faulty connection needs is to be disconnected and reconnected - as simple as it sounds! 

In order to disconnect your Zoom integration, please go to the "Integrations" tab of your account, then "Zoom Conferencing" and click "Disconnect Zoom". 

How to find the disconnect button

How To Contact Support

At 10to8 we realise the importance of efficient remote communication which is why we're committed to ensuring your connection is successful. If you are still experiencing issues with your Zoom integration after checking all the steps outlined in this article then please contact us at Support and we will be able to assist you. 

For more information about how to contact Support please open this article.