In this guide, we outline how to contact 10to8 Support, and information we are likely to ask for, to help us resolve your queries.


How To Contact Support

If you are experiencing an issue, the first place you should check is the Troubleshooting section of this support portal. Within this section are a series of guides that take you through steps to resolve the most common of issues. 

Once you have checked the Troubleshooting guides for assistance, the next step we recommend is to reach out to us, via our Live Chat function, or via email at

To access Live Chat, click this icon, found in the bottom-right corner of your 10to8 account: 

The Live Chat icon

Please note that Live Chat is not manned 24/7 currently. 

How To Perform A Hard Refresh

With many error messages in 10to8, a hard refresh will typically resolve them. 

We recommend trying this first, before reaching out to support. 

To perform a hard refresh use the following key combinations while on the page you are seeing the issue:

  • Mac: CMD + SHIFT + R 
  • Windows: CTRL + F5

How To Take A Screenshot

To help identify the cause of your issue, we recommend including a screenshot in your communications with us. 

To take a screenshot, please see the relevant guide for your Operating System:

Windows Devices (Laptop's, Desktop's, etc.)

macOS Devices (MacBook Air/Pro etc.)

iOS Device (iPhone, iPad, etc.)

Android Device (Samsung, OnePlus, etc.)

Console & Network Screenshots

Depending on the issue you experience, our Support Team may ask for Console and Network screenshots. Here's how to access the Console and Network tabs. please see the 'How To Take A Screenshot' section of this guide for details on how to take a picture of these tabs.

Google Chrome

To access these tabs on Chrome, you can do either of the following:

  • Click the 3 dots in the top-right corner of your Chrome Browser to open the menu. Then, go to 'More Tools' > 'Developer Tools', and switch to the Console Tab
  • On Windows, you can press Control + Shift + I
  • On Mac, you can press Command + Option + I


To access these tabs in Safari, you will need to enable the 'Develop Menu', which is disabled by default. 

To enable it, go to 'Safari' > 'Preferences' > 'Advanced', then select 'Enable ''Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar'''.

Once you have done this, You will be able to access your logs. 

To access the Console, go to 'Develop' > 'Show Javascript Console'.

To access the Network logs, go to 'Develop' > 'Show Javascript Console', and click onto the Network Tab.

Mozilla Firefox

To view Network logs in Mozilla Firefox, you will need to access the Network Monitor. 

To do this, enter the following combination of keys:

  • Windows: CTRL + SHIFT + E
  • Mac: Command + Option + E

Then, select 'Network' from the Web Developer menu.

Click onto the wrench icon, and select 'Network'.

How To Find Your Booking URL

If an issue affects a particular booking of yours, we recommend including a link to that booking in your email to our Support Team, to help them identify the affected booking with ease. 

If You Know The Date And Time Of The Affected Booking

If you know the date and the time of the affected booking, head to that date and time in your 10to8 calendar. 

once there, click on the affected booking. 

In the search bar of your browser, you should see a URL, that will look something like this:

Copy this URL, and share this with the 10to8 Support Team. 

If You Know The Customer Of The Affected Booking

If you know the name of the customer, head to the 'Customers' page of your account (This may have a slightly different name, depending on your use case, such as Clients, Patients, Students, etc. It is the option below 'Calendar' in the menu). 

Search for the client that is affected, and then click on their record. 

Once on their record, click the 'Appointments' tab of their profile.

Once on the Appointments tab, you will see a list of all of their previous bookings. Find the one that is affected by your issue, and copy the URL from your web browser. It should look something like this:

Sharing this link with our Support team will enable them to investigate your issue with ease. 

If Your Issue Requires Further Investigation

If our Support Team are unable to identify the issue you are experiencing, and offer you a resolution, they will raise a ticket with our Engineering Team. Our Engineers will then dive into the code and find the source of the issue, and offer a resolution. 

Due to the nature of these investigations, we cannot offer any possible timeframe for a resolution. We will be back in touch as soon as we know more.