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You may occasionally find that the 10to8 integration with Salesforce isn't behaving the way you may be expecting it to. You can find some general troubleshooting advice in this article.

Please ensure Rest API is enabled in Salesforce for functionality - this is not available on Salesforce trial accounts.

If you would like to test the integration before going live, please sign up for a Salesforce Developer account at


How To View Errors In Salesforce

You'll find your error log within the Salesforce tab in 10to8. This will show you any errors that come from Salesforce. You can read the description and the information could help your Salesforce administrator to solve the problem, as it will usually be something that needs resolving within Salesforce. However, if a problem still persists after speaking with a Salesforce administrator, you can contact 10to8 for assistance.

How To Handle Typical Salesforce Errors

"No such column '_____' on subject of type Event

By default, Salesforce only allows events to belong to one person, whereas 10to8 allows multiple person bookings. You will need to enable "Allow Users to Relate Multiple Contacts to Tasks and Events" in your "Activity Settings" in Salesforce.

"There is already a field named '_____'"

10to8 is attempting to add extra fields to your Salesforce account. This error will appear when you have already added the extra field. You can simply dismiss the error. 

"Email: Invalid email address _____"

These errors mean that 10to8 was not able to sync something across to Salesforce, because the data was not of good quality. As a user, you can choose to ignore these errors or tidy up the data so that it can be synced.

How To Contact Support

If you are still having problems with your Salesforce integration please contact us at Support and we will be happy to help you. For more information about how to contact Support please open this article.