This article will talk you through the steps that you can take if you are having trouble displaying availability for your Class Bookings. 

You or your customers may be experiencing a message on your online booking page which reads 'No slots available'. Here, we will help you fix that!


How To Set Up Class Bookings

Firstly, we recommend that you have a look through our guide on How To Set Up Class Bookings - please read this here.

Ensure The Slot Is Open On Your Calendar

For Class Booking slots to appear on your online booking page the service needs to be booked into your calendar. 

For example, if you are running a yoga class once a week you might not want your customers to be able to book any slot across all your available hours throughout the week. You would want to hold this class at a specific time and allow a number of people to choose to attend. 

To book a Class Booking click on the date and time in the calendar that you would like the slot to be available for, then start typing the name of the service into the top box and select it from the drop-down menu. Ensure to also fill in the location of the booking and click Book

A screenshot of the booking window

NOTE: Without assigning a location to the booking 10to8 cannot show this slot as available on your online booking page.

Ensure This Class Is Not Fully Booked

In order to configure your class capacity please go to 'Set Up' > 'Services', select your service, and make sure the type is set to Class booking and not One-to-one. Here you can input the maximum number of attendees that you would like. 

Please note: if you decide to change this number in the future this will not be applied to any existing slots booked into the calendar. The changes will only affect new bookings that are created.

A screenshot of the services page.

You may want, from time to time, to manually add customers to your class booking. 

When you do this, to ensure the class is not fully booked please compare the number of people already signed up to your class booking with the maximum capacity for the class. If both numbers are the same then your class is fully booked and 10to8 will not show the slot on your online booking page. 

A screenshot of the booking window.

Please note, you won't email notifications every time a new customer signs up for your class so it is important to monitor this if you are concerned about slots that are not appearing.

Check Your Notice Period

The notice period setting limits how much notice your customers must give before they are able to book with you. This setting is not visible to your customers but it affects when they can see available slots. 

The default for this setting is 24 hours which enables your customers to book at any time, but no sooner than 24 hours before the start of the appointment. 

To adjust this setting please go to 'Set Up' > 'Services' and click on the service that you wish to adjust. Next, please adjust the 'Online booking' field drop-down menu to the desired length of time. 

A screenshot of the services page.

There is also the option to entirely remove the notice period so that customers can book any time up to the start time of the appointment on your online booking page. 

How To Contact Support

If you are still having problems after trying all the steps outlined in this article then please contact us at Support and we will be able to help you. 

For more information about how to contact Support please open this article.