If you are running into a 'No Available Slots' issue, or if you are missing certain slots, please try the following troubleshooting steps. 

All of the troubleshooting steps in this guide will take place in the 'Set Up' section of your 10to8 account. 

screenshot showing the 10to8 menu with the set up section highlighted


Check Your Notice Period 

By heading to the 'Set Up' > 'Services' section of your 10to8 account, you can click on each of your services to open a menu. Within this menu, you can adjust the notice period required for booking appointments. By default, the notice period is set to 24 hours. You can however change this by clicking on the drop-down menu and selecting an alternative option. 

screenshot showing the service options menu with the notice period section highlighted

Please make sure that you are allocating enough time for both yourself and your clients when adjusting your notice period. 

Check Your Buffer Time

Adding a period of buffer time gives you a small break between appointments, either before or after a booking. This break can serve to provide you with time to set up for an appointment, make notes, or just get a cup of coffee ready. 

To review your buffer time, head to 'Set Up' > 'Services' once again and review the section labelled 'Buffer/travel time' within the service menu. You can click the drop-down menu to adjust the length of the buffer time. Appointments will not be bookable during this period of buffer time.

screenshot showing the service options menu with the buffer time section highlighted

Please note: you will need to take into account your buffer time when setting up your availability, as buffer time prolongs the length of each booking. A 30-minute appointment with a 15-minute buffer will take up a 45-minute slot on your calendar. 

For example: if you booked a 30-minute appointment for 12:00pm with a 15-minute buffer, the earliest your next appointment could be booked would be 12:45 pm. 

Check Your Availability 

To check and adjust your availability, head to the 'Set Up' > 'Availability' section of your 10to8 account. 

Make sure you have enough available time for an appointment; if you want to take a 60-minute appointment, you will need a minimum of 60 minutes' availability.

Make sure that you work at the correct location; e.g. if your service is set to 'Online/Phone' but your working hours are only set up for your business premises, no available slots will be shown on your booking page. 

Our guide on how to set up your availability can be found here.

Check To See If You/Your Colleague Are Set Up To Take A Service

Make sure that one of your staff members is set up to take appointments for the specific service. You can check if they are set to do so by heading to 'Set Up' > 'Staff' and clicking on 'Services' within their staff record. 

You can add services to a staff member by clicking the 'Select a service to add' drop-down menu and selecting the desired service(s) from the list. 

screenshot showing the staff services menu

Check That You Have No Other Bookings At That Time

Double-check your 10to8 calendar to make sure that you do not have any bookings (or other calendar events) at the time you wish to schedule an appointment. 10to8 does not allow for double bookings by default.

Contact Support

If you have not been able to resolve your issue by following the steps in this guide, please reach out to our Support Team. Click here to get in touch.