The Basic Plan is required to connect your PayPal account with 10to8.

10to8 can take payments from your customers online so that when you receive a booking request or auto-confirmed bookings, you can be confident that you have been already paid.

Our PayPal integration allows your customers to pay for their appointments with their credit card without having to create an account on the PayPal platform.

To set this up, go to 'Set Up' > 'Taking Payments' within your account:

Select PayPal from the drop-down menu and enter your PayPal merchant account email address in the field provided. 

Once you have set up this connection between your 10to8 and PayPal accounts for your online payments, you can configure the payment preference for each of your services. 

To do this go to 'Set Up' > 'Services' and simply select one service from the list of all available services. The Payment setting will allow you to select one of the following options:

When a payment is taken upon booking by a customer, the booking details will show paid amount. 

What customers see

Your customers won't have to create a PayPal account to be able to make the payment. 

The booking flow will be the same as usual, but this time, after entering their details they will be presented with a page requiring the payment:

Once they click the 'Buy Now' button they will be taken to a PayPal page where they can pay by debit or credit card or log into their PayPal account if they have one:

Troubleshooting Issues

Please note, you may occasionally experience an issue where your customer has submitted the payment to PayPal but neither of you has received confirmation of the booking from 10to8. 

Our system would confirm the booking to you and your customers only once PayPal has processed the payment and confirmed the payment to us from their end. Please be aware that PayPal processing time could take up to 48 hours. 

PayPal Fees

Please find all you might need to know about PayPal fees on this page.