Integrating your 10to8 Online Booking System with Salesforce allows you to easily manage leads and opportunities, book more meetings and close more deals.

The Enterprise Plan is required in order to connect to Salesforce.



What can you do with the Salesforce integration?

  • Synchronize clients and appointments from 10to8 into Salesforce. 
  • Track and measure 10to8 activities in Salesforce by campaign or meeting type.
  • View past and upcoming meetings from your activities. 

How to sync 10to8 with Salesforce

1. Visit 'Integrations' > 'Salesforce', and click the 'Connect to Salesforce' button.

2. You should then see the message below when syncing has been successful.

Successful integration

Syncing clients from 10to8 into Salesforce

After you have connected to Salesforce by following the steps above, new buttons will show in your 10to8 account.

You will now be able to sync existing clients to Salesforce, and sync new clients as contacts, leads, or opportunities, as below: 

Contacts from 10to8 will show up in Salesforce as below: 

Synced contacts successfully- view of Salesforce

If you head to 'Customers' and choose a customer, you can view them in Salesforce, from one record to another. 

Clicking the View in Salesforce link will open the full customer record within your Salesforce:

Client viewed in Salesforce

Your Salesforce administrator can add buttons to your Salesforce contact page which act as shortcuts:

  • Book 10to8 Customer - URL opens up 10to8 calendar with the customer selected to make a booking
  • View 10to8 Customer - URL opens up the customer record in 10to8

Viewing 10to8 appointments in Salesforce

You will be able to view any upcoming or previous appointments customers have booked with 10to8 via the activity tab in Salesforce as below: 

Activity log- view 10to8 appointments in Salesforce

How does 10to8 synchronize into your Salesforce Instance? 

10to8 can synchronize Customers and Events into your Salesforce Instance. It can synchronize Customers as Contacts, Leads, or Opportunities. 

It will attempt to use existing objects in Salesforce before creating new ones.

Whenever a Customer is created or updated in 10to8, this is automatically synced into your Salesforce Instance as either a Contact, Lead, or Opportunity, depending on your settings.

10to8 creates an extra column in the Object Manager in your Salesforce Instance called TTECustomerExtID__c, which it uses to track which Customer in 10to8 corresponds to each Contact, Lead, or Opportunity in Salesforce. When a Customer is created or updated, 10to8 does the following:

  1. It looks for an existing Contact, Lead, or Opportunity with the same TTECustomerExtID__c field value, and if it finds one, uses it.

  2. If step 1 fails - (for Contacts and Leads) it looks for an existing Contact or Lead that has the same email address as the Customer. If this works, it sets the TTECustomerExtID__c field on that object and uses it.

  3. If step 2 fails - (for Opportunities) it looks for an existing Opportunity with the same name as the Customer. If this works, it sets the TTECustomerExtID__c field on that object and uses it.

  4. If steps 1, 2, and 3 all fail, then it creates a new Contact, Lead, or Opportunity for the Customer, and sets the TTECustomerExtID__c field.

By using the TTECustomerExtID__c field, 10to8 can select a particular Contact, Lead, or Opportunity, and once it starts syncing to that record it will continue to sync to that record. You can manually override this, and force 10to8 to sync to another record, but modifying the TTECustomerExtID__c field values in your Salesforce instance.

Whenever an Event is created, updated, or canceled in 10to8, this is also automatically synced into your Salesforce instance. The Event will appear as an Activity against the Contact, Lead, or Opportunity. When an Event is canceled in 10to8, it is deleted in Salesforce.

10to8 selects a Salesforce User to be the owner of the Event by searching your Salesforce Instance for any Users that have the same email address as the Staff member attending the booking in 10to8.


Troubleshooting Issues

If you seem to have trouble with your Salesforce integration, please have a read of this guide.