10to8 offers a calendar for you to see and manage your upcoming appointments, as well as schedule further appointments. In this support guide we outline how to access the Dashboard, as well as ways you can use this to your benefit. 


How To Access The Dashboard

In order to gain access to the 10to8 Dashboard, you need a confirmed appointment with a business that uses the 10to8 Appointment Scheduling Software. When an appointment is confirmed, you should receive a confirmation email. If you have not received an email we recommend getting in touch with the business you scheduled your appointment with. 

In the confirmation email you will find a link labelled 'Click to view all your bookings.

A preview of a confirmation email.

Clicking this link will bring you to the customer dashboard.

You are then taken to a page where you are asked whether you would like to 'Create a new account' or 'login'.

A preview of the page you are taken to, after clicking the link in your email.

If this is your first time accessing the dashboard, you will need to create a new account.

If you have already created a dashboard account previously, then click Log In. 

Once you have selected the appropriate option and followed the sign-up / log in flow as necessary, you will be taken to the dashboard. 

How To Use The Dashboard

Once you have gained access to the dashboard by following the 'How To Access The Dashboard' section of this guide, you will be greeted with the following page: 

An example of how your calendar may look, with multiple appointments.

Here you will be able to see any bookings you are scheduled into, as well as several navigation options. 

Managing Bookings

Any events you see on screen are bookings that you are scheduled into. Bookings that are faded are bookings that have not yet been confirmed by the company you are booking with.

You can click on any of these events to find out more information relating to them. 

Clicking a booking will open a window containing all of your booking information.

Once you have clicked onto a booking, a window opens that shows more details about your booking. You also have the ability to add the booking to your personal calendar, and contact the company you are booked with. 

Schedule Another Booking

You may wish to schedule more appointments with the businesses you have previously booked with. To do so, click the + icon in the bottom-right corner of your dashboard. 

This will open a window allowing you to select the company you wish to book with.

The organisation selection window.

Once you select a company, you will then be shown a list of the services they offer.

A list of available services

Click 'See Times' to see all possible slots you can schedule. Follow the steps on the screen after selecting the time slot to request another appointment. 

If you see a notice saying 'No Slots Available', we recommend getting in touch with the company directly as they may be able to assist you further.

Things to know

There are some aspects of the dashboard you may not often encounter. This section of the guide outlines these. 

Booking Conflicts

 If you see a red 'CONFLICT' notice on your calendar, it is because you have more than one booking scheduled for the same time  To resolve this, you will need to reschedule one of the appointments. You can do so by contacting the company you booked with.

An example of a conflict

Accessing The Dashboard Without A Confirmation Email

If you wish to access the dashboard easily, we recommend bookmarking the dashboard. 

How To Delete Your Dashboard Account

If you wish to delete your dashboard account, please click here.