SMS booking notifications are one of our core features! 10to8 offers different levels of customization, allowing you to add some branding and personalize your messaging. 


What is the limitation on SMS's length?

Free Plans 

The limit for SMSs is 160 simple characters (a-b, 0-9, punctuation, etc), and 70 if using advanced/special characters (emojis, accented characters, etc).

Basic Plan and above 

The limit is 306 simple characters, and 134 if using advanced/special characters. 

Customize SMS Sender ID

10to8 offers the ability to set a Sender ID for all your SMS communications with your customers. If you care about branding, you can edit the Sender ID and use your company or brand name.

This would replace the standard phone numbers that 10to8 uses for their communications.

NOTE: If you change the SMS Sender ID, your customers may not be able to reply to messages, and any replies that do happen will not appear in the Inbox or the Calendar.

You can customise the Sender ID in 'Configuration' > 'Messaging' > 'Extra SMS Settings'.

For More Help

If you experience any issues or need further help with this, please do get in touch with our Support team. You can do so by clicking here.