10to8 offers the ability to send your customers notifications for their bookings, helping reduce your no-shows and providing relevant information about their appointments. This guide outlines the different types of notifications, and how you can set them up.

For information on how to automatically populate information into messages you send your customers, please see the 'Tags' section of this guide.

To customise the contents of your messages, you will require the Grow Plan or above.


Every step of this guide takes place at the 'Configuration' > ' Messaging' > 'Customer Messaging' page of your 10to8 account.

Configuration > Messaging > Customer Messaging

It is also possible to set service-specific communications. To do this, select the relevant service from the 'Booking Notification and Reminder Settings' drop-down menu. 

Select the service from the dropdown menu

Once you have selected the service you wish to adjust, select the 'Use different settings for' option to enable service-specific messages:

Use different settings lets you set custom messages for that service.

Booking Notifications

To notify your customers of new, cancelled, or changed appointments, you can create Email or SMS notifications that are sent to the client. 

all available options for booking notifications.

To enable or disable one of these notification methods, adjust the toggle in the top-right corner. 

Clicking onto any of the headings will open up a text editor, allowing you to make changes to the message contents. A live preview of the changes you make will appear to the right of the text editor. Any changes you make are saved automatically. 

  • New Booking Email - this is sent when your customer books an appointment
  • Changed Booking Email - if the appointment is changed, this is sent to the customer
  • Cancellation Email - if the appointment gets cancelled, they will receive this message
  • Class Signup Email - for Class Bookings, you can set up a unique email to be sent to all attendees

If you wish for your customers to receive their communications in a different language, please see this guide.

Reminders & Follow-Up Messages

Further down the page, you will find a 'Reminders & Follow-Ups' section. Here you can configure reminders that can be sent automatically to inform customers of upcoming appointments.

To add a reminder, click the green +ADD button, found to the right of this section of the page.

To edit a reminder, click on it, and several options will appear:

an example reminder.

Below is a breakdown of each of the options on this page.

choose the method of delivery

This section allows you to choose what time of reminder the clients receive. Your options are Email, SMS, and Voice reminders.

adjust as necessary to fine-tune when your reminder is sent

This next option allows you to enter a timeframe for when the message is to be sent.  By default, this is set to 1 Day. It can be adjusted to Weeks, Days, Hours, or Minutes. You can enter any number in place of the '1'.

switching this to after changes your reminder to a follow-up.

This drop-down menu lets you decide whether the reminder is to be sent before the booking takes place (before), or as a follow-up message (after). 

you can edit text in the box on the left

Next, you have your text editor, and live preview of your message. All changes are saved automatically.

click to delete a reminder

Finally, you have the ability to delete your reminders.


For information on available types of tags, please see these guides:

Email Tags / SMS Tags / Voice Tags

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If you experience any issues with setting customer messaging, please do get in touch with our Support team. You can do so by clicking here.

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