10to8 offers a range of advanced settings, giving your business more control over how your Booking Page functions. 

To access these settings, head to 'Configuration' > 'Booking Page' within your account, and look for the 'Advanced Options' section.

The Advanced Options section looks like this

This guide lists these features in the order they appear under this menu, and how they function.


Booking Page Button

The Booking Page Link button provides you with an easy way to embed a link into your website. This link directs your customers straight to your booking page. 

Copying the code from this page and entering into your website's code will create a button

For more information on embedding your Booking Page into your website, please click here: [link to embedding guide]

Shopping Cart

The Shopping Cart feature enables or disables your clients' ability to book more than one appointment at once. With this option selected, there will be a 'Add Another Booking' button that appears when your client is booking their appointments:

How to add another booking

With this option unticked, your clients will need to complete their booking, and return to your booking page, in order to place more bookings.

Customer Login Restrictions

With this feature, you can limit your bookings to clients who have created a [Customer Dashboard] account. This can be useful if you wish for your clients to reuse the same details (such as email address, phone number).

Take Bookings From A Subdomain

In place of the 'randomstring.10to8.com' domain your booking page will use by default, ticking this option will offer your the ability to use your own domain. 

Add your domain here

To do this, you will need to purchase and configure your domain external to 10to8. 

You will need to add a CNAME DNS entry to your account with the following details:


Host: (Your subdomain for your booking page) examplesubdomain.mywebsite.com

Points To: randomstring.10to8.com

If you experience any issues in this process we recommend contacting your domain provider for further assistance.

Please note: Due to Stripe requiring HTTPS, and not HTTP, you will not be able to take payments with Stripe, with this feature enabled.

You may wish to redirect your clients, once their booking has been successfully placed, or if it fails. With this setting, you can add the links you direct your clients to. 

Simply enter the full website domain (including https://.) into these fields, like so:

Using redirects. Don't forget to use HTTPS!

Without the https:// at the beginning, your clients will see a 404 error upon completing their booking. 

Simultaneous Availability Setting

This setting gives you the ability to take multiple appointments at the same time. By default, you can only take one booking at a time (to prevent double-booking yourself or colleagues). If necessary, this can be adjusted. 

Simply enter the number of bookings you wish to offer at once, into this field, and your booking page will then allow clients to book each time slot up to that number of times. 

For example, if you are a store, running at a limited capacity, you may require clients to prebook a time slot. You can use this to allow 10 people into your store during the same time slot, ensuring you do not run beyond your capacity. 

Adjust this number to allow for more bookings at once.

Customer Future Booking Restriction

You may wish to prevent customers from booking multiple bookings in the future. This setting allows you to limit how many times a client is allowed to book future appointments.

Limit your clients future bookings with this setting

Disable Online Booking

If you do not wish to offer a public booking page, selecting this option will disable that. From that point on, all of your bookings will need to be manually scheduled by yourself, or your colleagues. 

To re-enable it in the future, simply head back to 'Configuration' > 'Booking Page', and it will be the first option you see on the page.

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