You can use your Availability to control what your customers can see and book online.


Setting Up Your Working Hours

On 10to8, you can set up your Availability at a staff level only.

We will provide every member of staff who is taking bookings with an Availability calendar.

Each staff will then be able to customize their working hours by the following criteria:

  1. date and time
  2. visibility
  3. service type
  4. location

To save your working hours:

  1. please go to the 'Availability' page under 'Set Up' and open up the specific staff calendar. The Availability interface gives you the option to scroll days, weeks, and months (once you expand the Options menu). 
  2. pick up the day, or the first day of the date range, you need to adjust and then click on the little pencil icon:
  3. a window will appear on the right-hand side for you to customize your availability. Click on the + symbol. 
  4. you can now start creating your available slots. You have full control over how to allocate your slots during the day. You can either enter a start and an end time if you allow your customers to book any slots available during those hours, or you can break down your availability by adding multiple slots using the + symbol:

You can also decide whether to make your availability visible to the public on your 10to8 booking page, or internally to your colleagues only. This is helpful if you need to 'block' some of your available time for internal meetings only!

By default, the toggle is set to 'Public', but you can switch it to 'Private' as necessary.

You have a few options to select the dates you wish to adjust: the day you have selected exclusively, selected days for every week from that date, or particular dates (Multiple Days option). 

NOTE: if you wish to remove availability, you can follow the same steps as above and use the little trash icon to remove slots from specific days or multiple days. 

Setting Up Availability For Class Bookings

Class services won't appear in the list of services on the 'Availability' page (see next section below) as they require a slightly different process to become available to book. 

Once created your class-type service in your 'Set Up' > 'Services' you can start scheduling your classes by clicking the BOOK button:

Alternatively, simply go into your calendar and click on a slot to book in for a class. 

In both cases, you'll be directed to the booking window. Please note, if you haven't chosen the 'book' button on the 'Services' page, you'll need to select the service from the drop-down menu as the field won't be pre-filled in this case. 

Select the time and date for the class, and use the Repeat option to book a series. 

Once you click on the BOOK button the slot or series that you have scheduled will become visible and bookable on your online booking page. The booking will also generate a link that you can share directly with your customers if you wish:

Service-Specific Availability

By default, the option to apply your working hours to All Services will be selected. 

Simply click on 'Specify Services' and select the service you'd like to create your service-specific availability:

Location-specific availability

On the Grow Plan or above you'll have the ability to customize your working hours also per location. This way you'll be able to decide at what places you want to work at what times during the day. 

Once entered the availability for a location use the + button to add more hours at a different location. 

Once completed your availability will look as below:

At Client's Address

One of the 10to8's booking locations options is 'At Client's Address'. Enabling this option allows you to create area-based availability by allocating your staff working hours to a location radius rather than a specific or fixed location. 

To set up your mobile bookings, the first step will be to enable the location 'At Client's Address' in 'Set Up' > 'Locations':

Next, you will need to assign this location to the relevant services. To manage this head to 'Set Up' > 'Services'. Click the desired service from your list. This will open the service-specific details.

By clicking the location drop-down menu you can pick 'At Client's Address' for that service.

Please note, only one-to-one services can be offered as mobile bookings.

Now you need to set up a premise that will be used as the centre point of your mobile availability radius. 

To do this, head to 'Set Up' > 'Locations' > 'Premises'. You can add a new location by clicking the +Add location green button

A Google Maps drop-down menu will appear when you start entering the address. Please make sure to select the address as it comes up in the Google Maps menu.

Once the premise has been created, the staff offering services at the client's address can set their availability within a particular radius around that location.

To do that, go to 'Set Up' > 'Availability'. Click on the little pencil icon to add working hours. Select the centre-location from the Locations menu, then select the option 'Available within radius'. This will allow you to set the miles or km radius around that location. 

What do customers see on your online booking page?

When booking a service offered at a mobile location, customers will be required to enter their address prior to seeing the available slots. If their address falls within the radius, they will be able to book with you. 

For More Help

If you have any questions about setting availability, do reach out to our Support team! Click here to contact Support