The number of staff you are allowed to add to your 10to8 account depends on your plan-specific allowance. You can check this on your Billing page.


How to add your staff

Please go to Set Up > Staff to start inviting your staff members. Please note you may see a different noun depending on your specific sector category i.e. Teachers, Consultants, Coaches etc

Click on the + ADD STAFF button. The window below will appear. 

Start entering the name of the staff. You will have then two options: either Create staff or Invite staff

If you do not enter an email address, you'll only be able to Create Staff. You can choose this option if you want to add them to your database, without giving them access to the system.

If you want to allow them to use the system, please enter their email address and click on the 'Invite Staff' option. Please make sure you enter the correct email so they can receive the invitation to join the account!

The new staff is now created, and an invitation link has been sent out to them. 

You can now also manage their ability to take bookings, their specific permissions/rights, and add them to a Team!

Please note, Invitation links expire after 1 day. If you need to, you can resend the link via the RESEND button, or copy the link address to send it directly from your own email address.

Managing staff permissions

You can customise staff permissions for each staff member, putting security and privacy at the forefront of everything you do. 

In order to configure these permissions, please go to Set Up > Staff and select the staff member that you would like to adjust. 

There is a list of five permissions that you may grant your staff members:

Is administrator: The organisation creator is automatically a system admin, they can:

  • Edit all organisation settings
  • Book appointments for customers
  • Make bookings on behalf of all staff members
  • Create new or edit customer details
  • Create new or edit details of other staff members
  • Create teams and assign staff members to those teams
  • Create and manage services

Can see all bookings: The staff member is able to see all bookings in the calendar, regardless of which staff member they are booked with or which team they are in. This does not allow them to make any changes to the appointments. This also controls the ability to see all customers' records in the organisation. 

Can modify all bookings: The staff member is able to modify other staff members' bookings, as well as their own. With this box ticked, they can create bookings on behalf of other staff members, too.

This also controls the ability to create new customer records regardless of which staff member they are booked in with. 

Can see team's bookings and attendees: With this setting, you are able to manage whether other staff members can view each other's calendars or whether they are restricted to only viewing and managing their own bookings and the bookings of their team. 

This also limits the ability to only view or manage the details of their own customers, or of the customers that have booked with other team members.

Can create and modify team's services: With this box ticked, you are able to allow this staff member to amend the services assigned to their team, and make new services from scratch that are available for their team members to take. 

Greyed out boxes

You may see the boxes greyed out so you cannot change whether they are ticked or unticked. This does not mean that the restriction of permissions is unavailable for this staff member. It means that you do not have the required authorisation to make these adjustments to your own or to other staff members' settings. For help with this, please contact a member of staff within your organisation who has the "Is administrator" box ticked.

Creating and using teams

The Teams feature is designed to enable you to categorise your staff members into separate teams. Organising your staff members is now easier than ever, with the added ability to filter the 10to8 calendar view by teams too!

There are two ways to create teams: by clicking the +ADD TEAM button at the top of the left-handed sidebar, or by going into a specific staff and clicking Add a team.

Type out the name for the team, and then click Create tag.

Once a tag/team has been created it will appear as a search result in the drop-down menu when adding a team to other staff members. Tags can be removed from a staff member at any time by simply clicking the x. This will remove the association between the tag and the staff member. 

Once a team has been created, the team name will appear on the list of your staff members. To view all members assigned to a team simply click on the little down-facing arrow. 

If you wish to edit the team name or remove the team altogether click on the pencil icon. Please note, if you remove the team this will only delete the tag/team created but not the individual staff members who were part of the team. 

Staff members can be assigned to more than one tag, so can appear in more than one team in the left-handed sidebar:

Any staff member who hasn't been assigned a tag will appear within the 'Untagged Staff' section and will remain there until they are assigned one.

Assigning services to teams

The Teams feature also enables you to allocate services to teams. Those within the team can also create and modify their team's services. 

To assign a service to an existing team, head to Set Up > Services and then click on the desired service. In the menu that appears, click the drop-down menu labelled Staff. 

Simply select the team from the list:

Please note, a service allocated to a team can still also be assigned to other additional staff members who are not part of that team. 

Viewing teams in Calendar

Once teams are created, they will also appear as a search result in the drop-down menu for staff selection:

For More Help

If you experience any issues or have any questions please do reach out to our Support Team. Click here to get in touch!