10to8 creates a calendar for each staff member on the account who accepts bookings and for each Room created under 'Set Up' > 'Locations' > Rooms.


Calendar Permissions

Go to the 'Calendar' tab on the left-handed sidebar to open your diary. Please note, the ability to view or make changes to other staff diaries depends on the permissions assigned to the staff profile. 

System admins can view and edit all calendars, while for other staff the following options are available:

Calendar at a glance

Your calendar primarily gives you an overview of all your bookings and available times. 

The working hours you add in 'Set Up' > 'Availability' will appear as white squares on your diary.

Using the shortcut editing tool provided in the diary, you can also edit your availability at need. 

Simply click on the three little bars at the top-right of the day you need to adjust and then click on the little pencil icon that will appear:

Your calendar will also display at the top-right corner the status of your Calendar Sync where one has been set up:

Please note, this will only appear when just one calendar/staff is selected. 

Calendar Views and Settings

This section will show you how you can customize the navigation and all the available features on your diary.

Agenda and Timeline views

To start navigating your diary choose your calendar view first. Click on the icon below at the top-right end side of the calendar and manage your viewing settings:

You can view your or other staff's calendar on a daily or weekly view. Also, you've got two options whether you prefer to see your Calendar on an Agenda or on a Timeline mode. 

If you prefer to only have an overview of your available times and bookings select the Agenda view. On the Agenda, it will still be possible for you to create an appointment by clicking on an available slot or view all appointment details by clicking on a specific booking:

The Timeline option will give you a wider overview of both available slots and of any bookings made. You can also decide how do you prefer to size your timeline:

On both Agenda and Timeline views, you can choose to show or hide cancelled appointments, and colour code bookings according to the following criteria:

You can use these options to see, for instance, at a glance how many bookings have been made on a particular day or week for a specific service or for a specific member of staff.

Dates and staff selection

Once selected the viewing mode you can use the top bars in the calendar to scroll dates: 

and to select the staff you wish to see. 

Please note the screenshot below applies to system admins or staff with permission to view all calendars. Viewing multiple staff calendars at once can be especially helpful to cross-checking your staff availability! This way you easily see who is still available to take bookings on a particular day or when all staff would be available to schedule your team meetings.

Searching option

The searching bar next to the staff selection can help you quickly inspect your diary and find the specific booking or name you are looking for! Open your calendar with all your bookings. Next, type in the searching bar the word you want to look for. 

Once entered your criteria, for example the word 'busy', your results will come up and non-relevant bookings will be hidden:

Making and viewing a booking, and other actions

While your customers can book directly with you online, you may still need to use your diary to manually schedule a class or book a customer in from time to time. 

Making a booking

There are two different ways for you to do that: 

- you can simply click on the slot in the diary you want to book

- you can use one of the two shortcut icons at the bottom right-hand side of the page:

Once you click on either of those options, the 'Make a booking' panel will appear on the right hand:


First, select the service type you wish to book. You also have got the option to just create an ad hoc service by typing the name in the bar. 

Once you add a customer to the booking, more options will display. You can also select multiple customers for the same booking. It is super easy to add or remove individual attendees. For each customer, you can manage the Consent to contact and the contact information.

To switch from one customer to another simply click on the customer's name. 

Using the 'Advanced Communications' setting you can customize outbound communications specific to each booking and eliminate Email and SMS notifications from the comms. 

You'd also be able to see at a glance if a customer doesn't have an email address or phone number saved in their record: 

NOTE: The staff name will populate the booking only where a member of staff has been previously selected in the top bar. 

If no staff member is selected in the Calendar (as in the example below) and you click on a slot or use the 10to8 shortcut icon to book, no staff name will populate the booking. So, in this case, always make sure you assign staff to the booking:

Recurring Appointments

Every booking does give you the option to book it in series for your customer. Simply click on the Repeat option within the booking window to select the frequency for the appointments. 

Please note, for recurring bookings the customer will receive the booking confirmation only for the first appointment in the series. For all following appointments, they will receive reminders, where these have been set up. 

Once you have booked a series, you can still change or cancel appointments individually, or cancel the whole series. If you need to change the whole series, you must cancel the current series and create a new one. 

Activity Window

With every appointment booked, 10to8 provides you with a summary of all the information that you need to know, as well as a few other activity options. 

Use the icons at the top of the booking window to cancel, change, add attachments to bookings, or book the same appointment again! The add note button allows you to save a private note to the booking.

On the activity screen, you will see all the communications shared with the customer via the automated system notifications or manually from your side. 

For each message, we provide you with the delivery status so you can see whether a message was sent, delivered, or read by the customer.

NOTE: For text messages, the customer must click on the link that appears in the SMS for the system to recognize that the customer has read.