Every 10to8 account has a public Booking Page, from which your customers will book their appointments. This page can be personalised to suit your business in many ways, such as changing the logo, changing the order of your services, or even asking your clients additional questions when they book with you. This guide outlines how each of these functions can work for your business. 


How To Rebrand Your Booking Page

There are many ways in which you are able to rebrand your public booking page. Each of these offers you ways to make your booking page unique to your business, and more easily identifiable for your customers. 

How To Change Your Booking Page URL

To change the URL from which your booking page is accessed, first head to 'Configuration' > 'Booking Page' within your account.

On this page, you will see a section titled 'Booking Page URLs'. Within this, you will find the URL from which your Booking Page is accessible, the ability to share the URL, and the ability to edit the URL. 

Booking Page URLs section of your account

Clicking the 'EDIT' button will open a text box, allowing you to replace the random string of letters with something more personal to your business. 

When you are happy with the new URL, simply click 'SAVE' and it will replace the existing URL.

How To Add A Logo Or Header Image

To add a logo or a header image to your booking page, you will also need to head to 'Configuration' > 'Booking Page'. From here, head to the 'Logo and Header Images' section of the page. 

Here, you have the ability to upload a header or a logo image, to replace the default ones shown on your booking page. 

When uploading either a header or a logo, please note that there are restrictions on the size of these. We recommend the use of the following sizes (in pixels):

Logos - 200 x 200 pixels

Headers - 1200 x 200 pixels

To add a logo, click the ' Upload Logo Image' button. This will open a file browser, allowing you to locate the correct image. Once you have selected your logo, a preview window will appear: 

Once you upload a logo, you will be shown a preview of it

Click on 'Preview' to continue processing this image, or click Cancel to end the process.

After clicking 'Preview', the button will change to say 'Upload'. Click this to add the logo to your Booking Page.

To add a header, repeat the process for a Logo, but using the 'Upload Header Image' option. 

Once added, the live preview of your booking page, found on the right-hand side of the page, will update to include your new images.

A preview of both the header and logo

How To Add Custom Booking Questions

10to8 offers you the ability to customise the booking flow that your customers experience. With this, you are able to ask additional questions to them, if your business requires customers to provide particular information (For example, a dog grooming business may wish to ask what breed of dog you own).

To manage custom booking questions, first head to the 'Configuration' > 'Booking Page' > 'Booking Process' page of your account. 

Here, you will find a section labelled 'Settings'. This allows you to choose whether the changes you make affect all of your services or a particular one. 

Once you have decided whether to set questions for all services, or for a particular one, scroll to the 'Customer Information Entry' section of the page. 

Next, you will see several existing fields which can be adjusted to be optional or required as necessary. You will also see a button to 'Add New Question'. Clicking this will generate a new blank question, which you can then format as necessary. 

An example custom question

You can enter the question into the box on the left, adjust whether you require the customer to answer the question to progress with their booking, and the format in which they answer. 

The five options within this drop-down menu are: 

  • Text (your client inputs a written answer)
  • Checkbox (they are prompted to tick the checkbox to proceed with their booking)
  • Yes/No (if the question is a yes/no question)
  • Hidden (hides the question from the booking flow - You can still enter this information if you wish).
  • Choices (A multiple-choice question).

To set up a multiple-choice question, first, you will need to click on the 'Add new question' button. Next, from the 'Type' dropdown, select the 'Choices' option.

Once this is selected, you will need to provide the different answers you wish for your customers to choose from. You can do this by clicking the '+ Add Options' button. This will open a text box for you to enter an option. Repeat this as necessary to enter all the different options you wish to offer.

To remove an option, click the red Trash Can icon  

An example multiple-choice question. You can add as many options as you need.

To delete your custom question, click the Trash Can Icon.

With Hidden questions, it is possible to still enter that information, if you create a unique booking page URL that you send to a single client. Please see this guide for more information on how to achieve this: Including Information In Your Booking Page URL.

If you offer multiple questions and wish to change the order of these, simply drag them using the 2 lines on the left-hand side of the question.

It is also possible to set service-specific booking questions; this feature is available on the Bigger Business plan or above. To do this, select the service from the drop-down menu above this section.

A badge reading Bigger Business.

How To Change The Order Of Your Services

If you wish to adjust the order in which your services are shown on your Booking Page, or if you wish to separate them into individual categories, then you can do so by following these steps. 

To Add A Category

To separate your services by category, head to 'Configuration' > 'Booking Page', and find the 'Services' section of this page. 

Here, you will find a list of your services, and several options to manage them further. 

To add a category, click the 'Add A New Group' button. You can then name this new category as necessary, and add your Services to it, from the dropdown menu.

If you wish to change the order of your categories, click the arrows found to the right of them.

An overview of your services and categories

To Reorder Your Services

If you wish to reorder your services on your page, make sure they are within the same category, and click the arrows in between the two services:

How to adjust your service's order

This will swap the position of the two services on your list. You can see a live preview of the order of your services in the window to the right of this. 

To Remove A Service

To remove a service from a list of services, click the X next to the trash can icon. If you wish to delete the service entirely from your account, click the trash can icon itself.

To Modify A Service

If you click on the service itself, a selection of additional options can be found. 

The Description field allows you to enter a public description of the service you are offering. To see this description on your Booking Page, click the 'See Details' button that will appear next to the service:


The see details button appears

Adjusting the Duration setting will allow you to change the length of the service. 

Set Interval between slots lets you adjust the frequency that your booking page shows slots. For instance, if you only wish to take bookings every 30 minutes, this setting allows you to manage this. 

If you take payments, you can manage this with the Payment setting.

The Online Booking setting gives you the ability to control whether or not this service is bookable. 

If you wish to offer multiple prices or varying lengths for your service, clicking the 'Add Price/Duration' button allows you to set additional prices and lengths.

How To Add Multiple Booking Pages

This feature is only available on our Bigger Business Plan. For more information, please head to 10to8.com/pricing or the 'Billing' page of your account.

To add additional Booking Pages, click on the 'Advanced Options' section of 'Configuration' > 'Booking Page'. Here, you will find a button labelled 'Create Page'. Click this to create an additional page.

Create Page button

Additional booking pages can be useful if you offer a variety of services, and wish to separate them.

For example, if you were a hairdresser, you may wish to have one page dedicated to services for women's hair, and another for men's hair.

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