What are burner links?

Burner links are links that are only available for a set period of time, to a restricted number of people. A burner link can be tied to a specific service within your account, meaning that it only works for one specific customer to book one specific type of service.

To send burner links to your customers go to, "Inbox & Exports" > "Inbox" and click on the pen icon to compose a new message. 

A screenshot of Inbox and Exports pointing out the pen icon

Add the customers that you want to include in the email by starting to type their names in the top bar and clicking on them when they appear. The message content is entirely customisable and by adding the tag " {% burner_link %} " this generates the burner link for your customers to use.

A screenshot of an example email containing the burner link tag

Below is how it will appear to the customer in their email inbox.

A screenshot of the email customers will receive containing the burner link

Another way of distributing burner links if your business has less than 250 customers would be through opening the "Messaging" tab > "Email Campaigns" and composing a message that can be sent out to all of your customers at once. This is will only go out to customers that you have email address contacts for. 

Tying burner links to a specific service is an easy way to organise urgent appointments or special offers on your services. To do this, go to "Set Up" > "Services" and select the service you would like the burner link to be made for, then copy and paste the last few numbers after the forward slash into the tag like this: {%burner_link service=123}

A screenshot pointing to the section of the "direct link to service" that needs to be copy and pasted into the burner link tag to tie the burner link to the service

Using burner links in your business means that you are able to send out invites to prioritise bookings in terms of urgency and additionally, are able to offer special discounts to a selection of customers, handpicked by you. 

This feature is very useful if you need to cancel a day of appointments; you can email all the customers that are booked on that day and provide them with a burner link. Using this link customers will be able to rebook their appointments quickly and easily. Each link that the customer receives is unique which enables the booking system to identify the individual via the link. Each link is temporary and lasts for one week. The link is single use and will allow one customer to book one appointment, then expires after the customer has clicked “Book now”.

Burner links are a secure way to offer special discounts or urgent appointments that cannot be duplicated, and you will know which customer has booked when they use this link.

Urgent appointments

Some customers or patients need to access appointments more urgently. You as a business are able to choose to send out emails to priority customers and offer them a burner link so that they are offered appointments that are only accessible to them.

In order to do this you can create another service identical to one you already have, except with the settings adjusted to “Privately bookable with a URL” and optionally, you can also change the name of the service to include “Urgent”. To create a new service go to "Set Up" > "Services" > "Create 1-to-1 Service" or "Create Class Booking".

A screenshot showing how to edit services

By doing this you will be able to clearly see in your calendar where the urgent appointments are compared to routine ones, but more importantly only those with the private burner link will be able to book the urgent appointments. Because the burner link is one-time-use it means that it cannot be used multiple times and shared among others to book an unlimited number of urgent appointments, it is tied to one person and one service. 

Special Offers

To use a burner link to offer a discounted service you can create a new service, identical to a one you already have, but set it to “Privately bookable with a URL” and change the price at the bottom of the service to a discounted price. You are then able to distribute burner links to your customers using the messaging function and only the customers that you give access to the burner links will be able to see the option to book these appointments. 

A screenshot directing you to change the price on the service

Using a burner link means that your customers will only be able to book once using the discounted service link and this avoids them being able to use it again and again for future bookings. 

You are also able to use this feature to offer your customers the option to buy a block or package of multiple appointments. To do this, you can create a new service identical to the one you want to offer multiple appointments of, and label it to show your customers that it is a package, for example:

A screenshot highlighting changing the name of a service

You can then set the payment option to "Payment required on booking" and set the price to the total price of all six appointments in the package. So the customer pays for all the sessions and books their first one, then after receiving the first booking you will be able to send the customer five extra burner links so that they can book the rest of the package, and no more sessions than they are permitted to. 

If you have any further questions about burner links please contact our support team who will be happy to help.