Choose "Online Booking" from the menu on the left-hand side of your screen, and then choose "Booking Process" from the subsequent drop-down menu. This article will run you through the "Booking Process" page, what you will find on it, and how you can customise these settings to suit the needs of your business. 

Configuring customer information collected at the time of booking

On the "Booking Process" page, you will see the option to select what information a customer should enter when they book with you. You have the option to make it required or optional for the customer to enter their email address and phone number: 

customer information entry

For example, you may wish to make the email entry an optional field, if you cater to clients who are perhaps not as familiar with technology.

Alternatively, if you are offering services that are held over the phone, you may wish to make the phone entry a required field. 

You are also able to choose particular services that you would like these settings to apply to. The drop-down will show as below, and allow you to choose whether to apply these settings to a particular service, or to all services:

apply changes to all services/particular service

It will be useful to note, 10to8 will only be able to send appointment communications via SMS or email if the customer has inputted a valid phone number and email address. 

Booking Questions

You can add booking questions for customers to answer at the time of booking, by clicking the "Add new question" button as below: 

add booking question

You can find out more information on Booking Questions by reading our support article here: How to set booking questions for clients

From the "Booking Process" tab, you can set Opt-In questions for your clients. 

We have a ready-made "Consent to contact" opt-in, which your business can choose to honour by heading to "Set Up" and looking under the "GDPR & HIPAA" tab. You do not have to use this if it is not relevant to your business needs:  

consent to contact

You can also create your own opt-in, which you can keep as a draft, bin, using the trash can icon, or "Set Live". See the example below which is saved as a draft, but can be live as soon as the button is clicked, or equally discarded: 

draft opt in

More detailed information about customer consent and opt-ins can be found here: Managing customers’ consent using 10to8 opt-ins

Approving/Automating booking requests

You can choose here whether you would like bookings to be automatically approved based on the availability of your staff members, or approved manually by staff: 

approve bookings

You can find out more about how to manage appointments manually by reading our article on How to use your 10to8 Inbox.

Email Domain Constraints can be managed here, and you can find more information about this by reading the article: How can I Limit my Bookings to a Certain Domain or Group of People?

email domain constraints

You can also turn Customer Satisfaction Surveys on or off within this tab, but some more detail and further options can be found here: How to manage satisfaction surveys

customer satisfaction survey

You will find other buttons under the "Booking Process" tab, which take you to the appropriate part of your 10to8 account to manage your options. You can find more information about each of them here: