We use Twilio and other providers with 10to8 to send text messages to your clients to confirm their booking, cancel their booking and remind them of their booking. SMS failure is rare, but there are occasions when clients may not receive the messages you were expecting them to. This article will highlight how to recognise if an SMS has been delivered or has failed, and why it may have failed.


Recognising SMS delivery or failure

The record of your delivered/failed messages can be found within each booking. Go to "Calendar" to click on the appropriate booking, and view the "Activity" box.

Note: See the difference between the SMS symbol and the Email symbol:



Email delivered icon


SMS delivered icon   

When an SMS has successfully been "sent" and "delivered" to your client, you will see a double tick icon next to the SMS symbol, as below: 

SMS sent and delivered

You may see the SMS message symbol with no tick icon, or one tick icon next to it, which means the message has been "sent", but not yet "delivered". This can occur if your client's mobile number is correct, but their phone is off or out of signal range. The message will usually be delivered and 10to8 will show the double tick icon after the mobile has been turned on or receives a signal.

When an SMS has failed to deliver or has been "rejected", you will see a red 'X' icon next to the SMS symbol, as below: 

SMS rejected

You can click on the red 'X' icon to see when the message was rejected:

SMS rejected 21 hours ago

Reasons your SMS may have failed to deliver

  1. An incorrect mobile number is the most common cause of failed SMS delivery. This could occur due to a client changing their mobile number, entering it incorrectly when inputting details, or including a space or extra character. It may not be obvious, but a space may be included at the beginning or end of a mobile number and could stop the message from being successfully sent.
  2. Very occasionally an SMS cannot be sent due to mobile network limitations or carrier content filtering.
  3. On rare occasions, our SMS provider could be down, meaning we can't connect to them to get your messages sent.
  4.  SMS messages can temporarily fail to deliver due to the mobile being out of range, or powered off. 

Troubleshooting SMS failure

If you don't see a red 'X'icon, but can not see that the message has been delivered with a double tick icon, please wait a couple of hours, or until you see a red 'X' before doing the following:

  1. Check for any obvious errors in the mobile number, and check that it is definitely a mobile number that has been entered. We will not be able to send SMS messages to landline numbers.
  2. Check with the client that their mobile number has not changed, and if possible, whether or not they have recently had their mobile phone powered off or out of range.
  3. Check our 10to8 service status page for any broad issues: https://status.10to8.com/
  4. Contact 10to8 support if this happens more than once, at help@10to8.com