With 10to8's Voice Booking functionality, you can offer your clients a way to book over the phone without the need for a human on the other end. This helps free up admin time for your staff and means no more lengthy hold times for your customers. 

Customers can phone a number and will be taken through an automated booking flow. From there, they can select the service, location, time slot, submit their details, and book their appointment. 

You can see a demo of this in the below video:

As we understand, collecting details such as a customer's name over voice is not always ideal. AI (artificial intelligence) can sometimes misunderstand, leading to errors or miscommunication on customer bookings. To avoid this, we also save the voice recording from the call, so a human can go in and fix any errors that occur during the booking process. You will be able to find this recording next to the booking (coming soon).

To set this up, we will work with you to ensure your customers get the most out of this function without being overwhelmed over the phone. 

Just head over to "Set Up" > "Phone bookings". 

Here you can book a call with our sales team who will be able to help you with any questions or concerns.

To see how 10to8's Voice Booking feature works and book a discovery call with our team, please call +44 740 108 1028 or visit our online booking calendar: https://10to8.com/book-a-call-new-customer/