What is my appointment count?

You'll see your appointment count in the bottom left-hand corner of your 10to8 account. These numbers tell you how many appointments you have used out of your available total for the month. The number of appointments allocated to you depends on which 10to8 plan you have. 

appointment count bottom left corner

What counts as an "appointment" and how does it affect my total?

An appointment is counted when somebody has made a booking themselves or when you have booked somebody in for an appointment manually. Your total is not affected unless a client is booked onto the appointment. 

For example, I have booked 2 appointments with clients, and my appointment count shows I have used 2 out of 2,500 available appointments:

2 appointments used

For Class Bookings, the number of clients booked to attend the class is the number of appointments that will be taken from your total. 

For example, I have added a class to my calendar and 4 clients have booked onto it (Andrew Tester + 3 more). This is added to my total used appointments - I have now used 6 in total (x2 individual bookings + 1 class booking with 4 attendees):

6 appointments used

Cancelled appointments and No Shows

If a booking is cancelled, your appointment count will be amended. I have cancelled Gill Smith's appointment, and now where my appointment count was showing 6 used, it now shows 5 used:

booking cancelled

If you have a No Show, your appointment count will remain the same.

Please note that any appointments booked in the month are taken from that month's appointment count.

For example, if in May you book 8 appointments set to take place in July, they would all come out of May's allowance, not from July's.