This article will give you an overview of the booking questions feature offered by 10to8. 


How to add new questions:

To add a new question go to "Online Booking" > reopened left-hand navigation > "Booking Process".

You can add your own questions via the “Add New Question” button. Once clicked you will need to enter the question in the provided text field. On the right next to it, there is a box to check if the question is required. If you check it, the customer will only be able to proceed with their booking after they have answered. If you leave it unchecked, they will be able to book with or without answering.

To the right of the required box, you can pick the answer option. There are three options in a drop-down box: "Text", "Checkbox" and "Yes/No".

The "Text" option will allow the client to answer in a provided text field. This is useful for open-ended questions.

Text box answer example

The "Checkbox" option will require the client to check the box. It may be useful for ensuring the customer agrees to certain terms before booking a service with you. 

checkbox answer example

The "Yes/No" option will require the client to choose "Yes" or "No". This is useful for simple but necessary questions relating to your service

Yes/No answer example

Service-specific questions: 

To set up questions that relate only to a specific service, go to "Online Booking" > "Booking Process" > "Settings". You can then select which service you would like to add questions to from the drop-down box underneath. After you have selected the service, you should check "Use different settings for...". This allows you to add questions.

service specific booking questions

Viewing answers to questions submitted by the client:

When a client has answered the questions you've set up and booked an appointment with you, the answers to the questions will be added to the appointment as a note. 

For example, these service-specific questions have been set up:

service specific booking questions

The responses when a booking is made will appear on the right-hand side of the screen along with the other details of the booking:

Viewing answers from clients