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The 10to8 provisioning tool allows you to import large numbers of staff, services and other settings from Excel file (.xlsx) uploads. The format of each upload is supplied in a template format so you can add your data in a way 10to8 can interpret correctly.

It's very important that the format isn't changed in any way, including the headers in the Excel sheet, as this is how the system knows what data should go where. It's also very important that certain services are run first or others will fail. You can't upload staff availability without uploading staff first, for example. Any prerequisite steps will be in the first paragraph of each section.

The points below apply to each step:

  1. Download the Excel Template file
  2. Fill in the template and save it. Be sure not to change the column names
  3. Upload the file
  4. Wait for the data-upload to finish. It may take several minutes depending on the number of rows
  5. Use the refresh button at the top of the page to update the screen and confirm the upload is complete
  6. If you make a mistake and want to try again, click delete next to the upload and try again

Table of content


Prerequisites - None

Upload services that can be booked by your teachers or your students.

Note: For information on each column, read the comments in the Excel file.

Service sheet screenshot

  • Name - The name of the service
  • Bookable - Can your customers' book this service online? - Can be TRUE or FALSE
  • Description - The description of your service, as it will appear on your booking page
  • Duration - How long is the service, in minutes
  • StaffSelectable - If/when your customers book this service, can they select which member of staff it is with? - Can be TRUE or FALSE


Prerequisites - None

Upload staff into 10to8 so that you can make bookings with them. Optionally have 10to8 invite them to create accounts to manage their own appointments.

staff sheet screenshot

  • Name - The name of the staff member
  • Bookable - Whether they can take appointments in 10to8 - Can be TRUE or F
  • Email - The staff members' email address
  • Permissions- What permissions the staff member has. Options are:
    • Can view own appointments
    • Can view all appointments
    • Can view or edit own appts
    • Can view or all own appts
    • System admin
  • Invite - Whether the staff member should be invited by email by 10to8

Staff Services

Prerequisites - Staff, Service

Upload which staff are able to take which services. For each row in the sheet, include the name of a staff member, and then list the services that they can take, separated by commas.

Note: The staff and services must exist in 10to8 before doing this upload. Use the staff and services upload before using this one.

staff service screenshot

  • Staff - The staff member associated with the services/s. Must match exactly.
  • Services - The services to assign to the staff member. Must match existing service names exactly and can be separated by commas for multiple options.

Staff Availability

Prerequisites - Staff

Upload the working hours for each staff. In each row, put the name of a staff and then for each day of the week list their working hours. You can include different segments of time per day (9 - 11, 2 - 5) by separating them with a comma

Note: The staff must exist in 10to8 before doing this upload. Use the staff and services upload before using this one.

staff availability screen shot

  • Staff - The staff member to assign availability to. Must match exactly.
  • Day of the week - The hours in 24hr format HH:MM-HH:MM


Prerequisites - None

Upload your customers into 10to8.

customers sheet screen shot

  • Name - Customer name
  • Email - Customer email address
  • Number - Customer phone number. Please use country codes if using international numbers. +44 etc.


Prerequisites - Customers, Staff, Services, Location (if using premises options)

Upload bookings into 10to8. Each booking must have a name, start and end, and can also include a customer, staff and location. Once you have uploaded your bookings, you can have 10to8 contact your customers with details about them.

Note: Availability is ignored so you can potentially double-book yourself.

events screen shot

  • Name - The service name
  • Start - Event start time and date in DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM (single space between the date an time)
  • End - Event end time and date in DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM (single space between the date an time) 
  • Customer - Customer name
  • Staff - Staff name
  • Location - The location of the event. This can be standard options like Online/Phone or custom locations set under the premises tab in your 10to8 account.

Once the upload is complete you will see something like the following (make sure you've used the refresh button at the top of the page to update the display).

completed upload

Any errors will be reported here with a description of what hasn't imported correctly.Under the actions tab there are 3 icons. One to delete the upload, one to email alerts to everyone that was just imported and one to download the file.