Our domain limitation feature is a way for you to determine which group of people are allowed to book with you or receive communications from your business. This is done by limiting the ability to book an appointment to a certain email domain.

Perfect for schools, universities or internal organisations where the people booking with you will all have the same domain, this feature ensures that people outside of your organisation do not receive potentially confidential information and are simply unable to book with you. For example, if you only want certain students to attend classes or only want staff members to be on appointments, this feature will allow you to do this.

how to limit bookings to a domain within 10to8

You can set this up on your 10to8 account by following these steps: 

  • Go to ‘Online Booking > Booking Process > Email Domain Constraints’

  • From there, you will be able to enter the domain that you would like to constrain bookings to a certain domain. 

For example, if you’d only like people with a gmail address to book with you, you could enter ‘gmail.com’ in this section. Make sure to enter a valid domain name here and double check it for spelling errors as this could cause issues with your booking process.

restrict bookings to a certain domain

Please also be aware that entering just one full email address in this field - ‘anne.example@gmail.com’, for example - will mean that only that person, or people with that exact address will be able to book appointments through your online booking page.