When formatting your ICS files, you are able to use tags to display certain information from the booking in the ICS file. This article will guide you on how to use these tags, what tags are available, and any further information that may be of use.


How to use Tags in ICS Files

Note: You must be on the Basic Plan or above to edit your ICS file content.

  1. Head to "Messaging" > "Extra Email Settings" on your account.
  2. Make sure "Attach ICS files to Emails" is ticked, under "Advanced Settings".
  3. A text editor will appear. Modify the text to suit your needs.
  4. To include a tag, use brackets, like so: {{example}}.
  5.  Your ICS File is now edited. Create a test booking to see what the file looks like.

Messaging > Extra Email Settings and then look for the Advanced Settings section.

Available Tags

  • {{ organisation_name }} - The name of your business
  • {{ appointment_name }} - The name of the appointment
  • {{ URL }} - A link for your clients to manage the booking
  • {{ staff_name }}  - The names of all staff members taking the appointment
  • {{ customers_names }} - The names of all customers attending the appointment

Further Help

If you are in need of any further assistance, or if you encounter any problems when trying to use the ICS Tags, please email us at help@10to8.com.