This article will explain how to use HTML Email Tags with 10to8. 

When editing your email messages, you can use Email Tags to personalize the message for the customer and their booking. 


How to add Email Tags

To include Email Tags in your message contents, follow these steps:

Go to "Messaging > Extra Email Settings" on your 10to8 account.

screenshot showing the messaging menu with the extra email settings section highlighted

Here you can edit the HTML template for your emails by clicking "Add New Template".

screenshot showing the Email HTML box with the add new template button highlighted

Now, you can edit your email template. Be sure to use "{{" before a tag, and "}}" after the tag, for the system to recognise the tags. (For example, {{organisation_name}} would print the name of your organisation in the email contents).

10to8 will save your updated message contents automatically.

Available Tags

Here we outline all available Email Tags and provide a brief description of their use:

  • recipient_name - The name of the person receiving the email

  • staff_name - The name of the person managing the booking

  • manage_opt_ins_link - A link to manage opt-in/out 

  • consent_link - Provides a link for managing consent

  • organisation_name - The name of your business

  • actor_name - The name of the staff member who  changed or cancelled the appointment

  • custom_note - Adds a custom note

  • datetime - The date & time of the meeting

  • date - The date of the meeting

  • event_name - The name of the service.

Further Assistance

If you are in need of any further assistance, or if you encounter any problems when trying to use the Email Tags, please email us at