Time Zones can be quite confusing at times, especially if you find yourself in a scenario where your business, staff and customers are all in different countries! 

Don't panic, 10to8 has designed a few easy to use features to help you sort all this out. 

In this support article, we will go through:

How can I set up or edit my business time zone?

If you head over to “Set Up” > “Business Details” you will be able to set up a time zone at the bottom of the page. The drop-down list will show you all the available time zones according to your business's locale. 

Timezone selector

Please note, this business's time zone will be taken as the default time zone for all your staff (unless you customize their time zone as per the instructions below), and it will be applied to all your services taking place at the location "At business premises".

How can I customize my staff's time zones?

If time zones will not really affect you for services offered at your business premises, they can be otherwise quite important for all services taking place "Online/Phone"

The ability to customize your staff's time zones (please note, this is only available on our Enterprise plans) could help you, for example, to set up a fully remote team taking appointments over the phone or online. Here's below an example of how you can achieve that:

To get started you will need to add your staff under “Set Up” > Staff” - find out more here.

Once added the profile you can set up their own time zone, using the drop-down list provided.Staff time zone

As you can see Frederick K is now set to be based in America/New_York (UTC - 5), while your own time zone as other staff will be set to Pacific/Honolulu (UTC -10). These two time zones, as well as the business’s default time zone, can now be used throughout the product.

You can now set up Fredrick K’s working hours under “Set Up” > “Availability” - find out more here - and have the ability to select in which timezone you want to do that - the staff's or the business/organisation's one. 

Calendar timezone

Now that Frederick's working hours are set up, let’s have a look at his calendar to see how the time zones will reflect on it. If you click on the “Options” button at the top of the calendar you will now be given the option to select in which time zone you want to view the Calendar: the staff's time zone, the organisation's time zone or your own one. 

Additionally, as you can see from the screenshot below when multiple time zones are in use in your account, a ruler will appear on the left-hand side showing you the times in the business's time zone and the one you have selected for the Calendar view.

10to8 calendar view

When booking an appointment you will get the same options (your time zone, the staff's time zone, the organisation's time zone) as well as the option to view and set up the time in the customer's time zone too - find out more in this article.

Customer timezone

What your customers see

When your customers access your booking page and try to book a service that takes place at the location option "Online/Phone", they will automatically see the available time slots reflecting their time zone. Also, at the top of the slot selection, they can change it to a different one if they wanted to.

10to8 booking slots

Please note, in the communications sent to your customers, we will only show them the appointment time in their time zone. Find more here.