10to8 has added a new calendar feature for your customers, allowing them to see and manage all upcoming appointments. In this support guide, we will outline the steps on how to access and use the 10to8 Customer Dashboard.


How to access the 10to8 Customer Dashboard

  1. To gain access to the Dashboard, You must have a confirmed booking.
  2. In your booking confirmation email, you will find a link labelled “Click to view all your bookings”. Clicking this will take you to a login/signup page.Booking Confirmation Email
  3. Once you have clicked the link in the email (see the above screenshot), you will be taken to this page:Customer Dashboard Log In Page
  4. If you have accessed the dashboard before, click “Log In”. If this is your first visit to the dashboard, click the “Create a new account” button. You will be then taken through a signup process and then to the dashboard.

How to use the 10to8 Customer Dashboard

Once you’ve gained access to the dashboard, you will be greeted with the following screen:

Customer Dashboard

Below we have outlined several key aspects of the dashboard, and how to use them.

Organisation Selector

This is used to select which company’s bookings you wish to view (If you have booked with more than one company).

Organisation Selector

The “+” Button

Clicking the "+" button in the bottom right corner brings up a menu that lets you place a booking with any organisation you’ve booked with before.

  1. Select the organization you would like to book with.Organisation Selector 2
  2. After selecting the organisation you wish to book with, you will see the following screen:Booking Form
  3. From this screen, you can select a service you wish to book and complete the booking by following the steps on the right-hand side panel.

Date Selector

Currently, you have the ability to view the dashboard in weekly increments. Clicking either of the arrows moves the date forward or back one week in time. You can click “Back to Current week” at any time to return to the present date.


Date Selector


Bookings that are shown on-screen are bookings you have made. Clicking on the booking opens up a window allowing you to edit and manage the booking, as well as add it to your personal calendar.


Customer Dashboard - Appointment View

Bookings that are faded are bookings that haven’t yet been confirmed by the organisation they are booked with:

Customer Dashboard 2

The person icon 

Clicking on the person-shaped icon in the top right corner will offer several options to you:

Person Icon

You have the ability to log out, if you are also a staff member for an organisation, you are able to return to your staff page, and you have the ability to copy a calendar link which you can subscribe to from your personal calendar.

Things to know:

Some features of the dashboard you are less likely to encounter. This part of the guide outlines those features.

Booking Conflicts

If you see the red “CONFLICT” message appear, it is because you have overlapping bookings placed. You would need to contact one of the businesses and change the time of one of the bookings to resolve the conflict.

Conflicting Bookings

Account Deletion

If you wish to delete your account, please email help@10to8.com, and we will assist you in the process.