Adding staff photographs is easy within 10to8 and can make a lot of difference to both the look and feel of your Booking Page. But why is showing your staff’s faces important? Well, quite simply, it puts a face behind the name. Your website becomes more ‘humanized’, and as a result, more friendly and your business becomes more trustworthy to your customers. This creates a much better first impression, strengthens your client relationships and even develops your brand! Plus, adding staff photos in 10to8 is really simple, so why not?

How to add staff photos to 10to8

To add your staff photo, first, log in to your 10to8 account. Go to ‘Set Up > Staff’ and select the staff member that you’d like to add a photo too. 

Next, scroll down where it says ‘Booking Page Photo’, hit ‘Upload’ and select your chosen picture from your computer. For an even more personal touch, you can also add a staff description underneath this section too!

Staff picture panel

And, that’s it! Now you’ll have your staff photograph on your booking page!

So, where will the photos show up? 

You’ll see your photo on your company’s main booking page when a customer has to make a staff selection.

Where are the pictures

Also on your own personal Booking page in place of the company logo.

Staff profile picture

Tips for adding great photos to your website

Lastly, here are a few handy tips for making your staff photos shine on your website:

  1. Use a good quality, clear headshot on a plain background. If possible use a professional photographer or professional camera.

  2. Presentation is key. Ensure all staff are correctly dressed for the photo and look confident as this will come across much better online.

  3. If possible, try to use the same location, or same background; avoid dim lighting or a mix of quality images. There’s nothing worse than seeing staff images that are all different from one another.

  4. Lastly, smile! It’s important that staff members come across as natural, friendly and above all, happy people!