Your 10to8 Inbox has been designed to help you keep on top of all your booking notifications and communications with your customers. 

It's super easy to navigate and has a bunch of easy-to-use features. Simply go to the 'Inbox and Exports' tab to get to your Inbox.



A red bubble icon will appear next to your Inbox tab showing how many new messages or still unread messages you might have. 

To see the most recent notifications always at the top of your folders simply choose to sort messages by Arrival Time. If you prefer instead to see the notifications for your incoming appointments first, select the sort by Appointment Time.

To clear your notifications just go into the folder showing unread messages and click on the message to open it. Please note, new and unread messages will appear on a white background:


Once you open your Inbox, a left-handed navigation menu will appear and guide you through all the different folders. 

If you simply wish to view all messages, just hit 'All'. Please note, you will also see in this folder any automated or manual messages sent out to clients that have been rejected by the system and therefore may need further attention. 

The 'Messages' folder will show you all customer responses or questions.

All booking requests, booking changes, or cancellations can be found under the 'Booking Requests' section.

The Inbox will allow you to open and view the appointment details of each specific message directly on your 'Inbox' page. 

To view an incoming message or the booking details, just click on the card, and the booking will pop up on the right-hand side.

You will be able to see and interact with the booking the same way as you would do in your 'Calendar'.

You can reply to the customer, add a private note that only you (or your other staff members) can see, mark the attendee as arrived or a no-show, change the booking, attach a file, or make a record of payment. You will also be able to view any previous communications that you have had with that client, making it super easy to look back over the history.

Once you are done with a message, or if you want to remove a message from your 'Inbox', simply hit the bin icon on the right-hand side to move it into the 'Trash' folder. No worries! We have also made it super easy for you to undo your action if you wish. Just go into the 'Trash' folder and click on the little icon below to move the message/card back to the previous folder:

Unsent Messages

Occasionally messages will pop up there stating 'Message has not been read' or 'Message rejected'. If a message hasn't been read, this means that for emails the customer hasn't opened the email. For SMS messages, it means that they haven't clicked the link in the text. If the message appears as rejected, then it means that the message could not be delivered to the client.,


The buttons below can help you manage your Inbox efficiently. The button on the left refreshes your Inbox. The button in the middle allows you to mark all messages as read. The button on the right allows you to move all messages to the trash.

In the 'Trash' folder, you'll also have an option to empty it:

Colour Code

We made your 'Inbox' colour-coded to make it easier for you to navigate it through and identify your messages quicker! We have marked tags and left-hand banners on the messages cards with different colours to help you identify things at a glance. All booking, change or cancellation requests will have a green tag. You'll also see either a green or light blue tag depending on if a request has been accepted or it is still pending and need your action. 

A left-handed bar will match the service-specific colour as per your settings.

All Messages will have the tag below:

Messaging (Enterprise plans only)

If sending messages to your customers, last-minute communication, or some additional information is really important to you, this tool is just right for you. It will allow you to message either individual or multiple customers in one go. 

You can simply select the customer name/names from the drop-down menu, compose the message, and hit 'Send Message' when ready to go!