When it comes to messaging within 10to8, the first place you’d want to check is your inbox. Designed to mirror an email inbox, it’s super easy to navigate and has a bunch of easy-to-use features. Simply go to the ‘Inbox and Exports’ tab to get to your inbox.


Notifications and messaging

A red bubble will appear next to the inbox icon if you have a new notification. This can be cleared by opening the message and then will save automatically. Once you have opened the inbox, the menu on the left-hand side allows you to easily find the messages that you want to read. 

What is in the inbox

Client responses or questions can be found under ‘Messaging’, whilst new booking requests, booking changes or cancellations can be found under the ‘Booking Requests’ section. If you simply wish to view all messages, then just hit ‘All’. Your customers can reply to any messages sent to them through 10to8, so this is a great way to make sure you never miss a message.

Appointment Details

To view the message or booking, click on the message in your inbox. This will open up the message on the right-hand side. You will be able to see the date and time of the appointment, the client’s personal details, the booking location (and Zoom link if it is online) and you will have several options too. 

Appointment details

You will be able to reply to the customer, add a private note that only you (or your other staff members) can see, mark the attendee as arrived or a no-show, change the booking, attach a file, or make a record of a payment. You will also be able to view any previous communications that you have had with that client, making it super easy to look back over the history.

Once you are done with a message, hit the bin icon on the right-hand side to remove it from your inbox. It will then go into the trash folder.

Unsent Messages

Occasionally messages will pop up there stating ‘Message has not been read’ or ‘Message rejected’. If a message hasn’t been read, then for emails this just means that the customer hasn’t opened the email. For SMS messages, it means that they haven’t clicked the link in the text. If the message appears rejected, then it means that the message could not be delivered to the client.

What rejected messages will look like

The trash folder is where you will find your sort options for the inbox. You can choose to sort by either appointment time or arrival time. ‘Arrival time’ sorts your messages from newest to oldest based on what time they arrive in your inbox. ‘Appointment time’ sorts your messages by which appointment comes first, regardless of when you received the message. You will also have the option to scroll through the different pages in your inbox with the blue arrows at the bottom.


The buttons below help to manage your inbox efficiently. The button on the left refreshes your inbox. The button in the middle allows you to mark all messages as read. The button on the right allows you to move all messages to the trash.

Inbox buttons

New Inbox!

If you are currently on the old version of the Inbox and would like to switch to the new one, simply click the link at the bottom to switch!

Where to find the new inbox

The inbox and alerts will help you keep on top of everything, allowing you to respond quickly to customers and provide a prompt, professional service.