• You need to be an administrator in 10to8 to be able to link 10to8 and Google Classroom.
  • We will currently sync students from all Google Classroom classes you are part of into 10to8 (including from Archived Google Classroom classes).

Connecting 10to8 and Google Classroom

With our Google Classroom integration you can sync/import your students from all Google Classroom classes you are part of into 10to8. We will also show you the class a student is a part of on the student record in 10to8. This will save you time when getting started with 10to8!

To connect Google Classroom head over to "Set Up" > "Integrations" and click on the Google Classroom option. You should land on a page that will allow you to connect to Google Classroom and show you if anyone else has already connected their Google Classroom account to 10to8.

google classroom

On this page click on "+ Connect Google Classroom" and follow the steps on the screen. During this, you will also need to give us permission to access your customer details. We are only asking for the minimum permission needed for our Google Classroom integration.

Once connected you will be redirected to 10to8 and on the Google Classroom page you should see a new button "Sync customers from Google Classroom".

google classroom

Just click on the button and wait for the sync to happen. Once synced you will also see a summary of how many students have been synced from how many Google Classroom classes.

sync status

Under "Students" you will now see all your students from your Google Classroom classes. It will also show you which classes they are part of.

staff profile

Disconnecting 10to8 and Google Classroom

To disconnect 10to8 from Google Classroom, head over to "Set Up" > "Integrations" and click on Google Classroom. As you already connect Google Classrooms you should now see an option to "Disconnect Google Classroom".

google classroom status

Bear in mind you need to be connected if you want to import more students from Google Classroom. You can reconnect to Google Classroom by clicking "+ Connect Google Classroom".

You can still delete all imported clients and reconnect Google Classroom to import clients again in the future.

Deleting all imported students from Google Classroom

To delete your imported student records please click on "Delete imported customers". It will automatically delete all the student records and their future/past appointments from 10to8. This will only impact student records that have been previously imported to 10to8 via the Google Classroom integration.