In this guide, we will detail the ways in which you can structure your Booking Page. This will help you better organise your services and can lead to an easier experience for your customers when visiting your booking page. 


The entire process of structuring your booking page is done from the “Online Booking > Booking Page” page of your 10to8 account.

How to Create Groups

By default, you will have 1 group on your booking page labelled “Book an Appointment”.

You can customise this group, and create further groups, by looking at the “Services” section of your Booking page, on your 10to8 account.

You have the option to sort your services, so they appear in alphabetical order by clicking the “Sort A-Z” button.

You can also add services that are not in that group by clicking on “Add Service”, which gives you the option to create a new service or add an existing one from a drop-down menu.

At the bottom of the existing group you will find the following button:

Clicking this will generate a new, empty group.

Now you can rename this group anything you wish.

You can add services to the new group by clicking on the “Add Service” button, and selected or creating a service.

How to Structure Services

You have the ability to structure your services in any order you like by clicking the arrow symbols. 

Clicking the arrows will swap the position of the two services that the blue button overlaps.

If you wish to remove a service from the list shown, click the trash can icon.

How to Structure Groups

Next to the name of the group, you will find a UP or a DOWN arrow. Clicking this will move the group of services up or down your booking page. You can see live how this looks from the preview of your booking page. 

If you encounter any issues while trying to update your Booking Page, please contact us at