If you wish to connect your Microsoft Teams Business or Schools account (we do not support Microsoft Teams personal accounts) with 10to8, here are some directions on how to get started.


1 - Head to “Set Up > Microsoft Teams” to begin setting up your account. (If you cannot see the option for Microsoft Teams, head to the “Integrations” page instead, from there click on the Microsoft Teams section and you will be redirected to the correct page.)

2 - On the “Microsoft Teams” page, you will find a blue button labelled “Connect Microsoft Teams”. Click this.

MS Teams button

3 - You will be prompted to sign in to your Microsoft Account. Log in, and you should be redirected to a page that shows the following:

MS Teams connected

4 - You should be redirected back to your 10to8 account. Your connection status should show this:

Microsoft teams connection status

Your accounts should now be synchronized with each other. 

How to use Microsoft Teams with 10to8

When Microsoft Teams and 10to8 are linked, any bookings you make with the location set to “Online/Phone” will generate a meeting link automatically.


You can check whether your services are set for “Online/Phone” by heading to “Set Up > Services”, clicking a service, and checking the “Location” setting for each service.

The meeting link is visible on the booking within 10to8 so that you can access it when the time comes. Your client can join the meeting room by clicking the "Join Meeting" button in the booking confirmation and reminder emails sent to them.

Microsoft Teams and Zoom

Currently having both Microsoft Teams and Zoom connected on your 10to8 account, your bookings will generate a Zoom meeting over a Microsoft Teams meeting. 

Zoom currently takes preference of the two, so if you intend to use Microsoft Teams, you will have to remove your Zoom connection. Click here to be taken to our Zoom Article, which details how to remove your Zoom connection.

Please note: This isn’t permanent and will be changed to allow a choice, but currently this limitation exists. 

If an error occurs

If an error occurs please get in touch with 10to8 support, with information on what you did to make the error appear, and a screenshot of the error if possible. You can reach 10to8 support from within 10to8 itself, or by emailing