If you are trying to embed our HTML Booking Widget into your website, and are wishing to remove the scroll bar from your widget, this guide will let you know what you need to do to fix this.

On your 10to8 account, head to “Online Booking > HTML Widgets”. From there, you can get your personalised embeddable HTML code, which allows you to embed your booking page onto your personal website*

Using a text editor, such as notepad, or your website editor, you will need to adjust your code to include the following snippet:

maxHeight: "initial"

Now find the following line of code in your HTML widget, and include maxHeight: “initial” in the following location:

<script> window.TTE.init({ targetDivId: "TTE-xxx", uuid: "xxx", maxHeight: "initial" }); </script>

(Note: you must add the bold text to the existing code, you can't just copy and paste the whole snippet as it doesn't point at a particular page (e.g. xxx in places and ... in others) )

Your final HTML Widget should look as follows (but should include your booking page’s information in place of “...” and “xxx”:

<a id="TTE-xxx" href="..." target="_blank">See Online Booking Page</a> <script src="..."></script> <script> window.TTE.init({ targetDivId: "TTE-xxx", uuid: "xxx", maxHeight: "initial" }); </script>

Save the widget onto your site and you should no longer see a scroll bar next to your embedded booking page.

If you are having any issues, please contact support at help@10to8.com 

*We have a Wordpress plugin, as well as the ability to embed into Weebly, and a guide on how to embed 10to8 onto your Facebook page, which may be better suited to your website, depending on the platform you’ve built it upon. All can be accessed from the “Online Booking > Widgets” page of your 10to8 account.