If you want to start tracking visits to your booking page and see how many customers end up booking an appointment, you can use our Facebook Pixel integration. This will enable you to track conversions and even create powerful remarketing campaigns for social media.

Adding tracking to your booking page

  1. Follow these instructions to create a Facebook Pixel.
  2. Get your Facebook Pixel ID by looking for the "Pixel ID" in the top left of the pixel's "Overview" page within Facebook.
  3. On 10to8, go to "Online Booking" > "Booking Page" > “SEO and Analytics Settings”.
  4. Copy the Facebook Pixel ID and paste it into the input field in 10to8, and it will be saved automatically.

What to look for on Facebook Analytics

10to8 will include your Facebook Pixel on all pages within the booking flow. Facebook automatically picks up virtual page views so that you can see the user complete the booking flow. You will see the following page views for different steps of the booking:








The * is a wildcard, to catch parts of the URL that might change in the future.

Now, that you are all done, you can create remarketing campaigns. You could, for example, reengage customers that visited your booking page, started scheduling an appointment but dropped off at some point of the booking flow without actually placing a booking request.