If you are having issues with your Staff Communications, then we have several ways you can check and make sure you have everything set up properly. 


 Make sure you have enabled Staff Communications

If your staff are not receiving notifications on new bookings/cancellations/changes, you will need to make sure that you have enabled the setting by heading to “Messaging > Staff Messaging”. 

staff messaging

Head to the “Staff Booking Notifications” section of your “Staff Messaging” page, and from there you have the following options:

staff booking notifications

Depending on how you wish for your staff to receive communications, you may select either Email or SMS. This will push through details about new bookings, cancellations, etc. to the email listed on their staff record (You can see what email or phone number messages will be sent to by clicking on “Set Up > Staff”, clicking one of your staff records, and checking the email and phone numbers saved to their profile).

Check that staff records contain accurate email addresses and phone numbers

If you have set up your Staff Booking Notifications, but your staff are not receiving any messages, make sure that email addresses and phone numbers on their staff profiles are accurate.

To do this, go to “Set Up > Staff” on your 10to8 account, clicking on a staff member and checking both the “Email” and “Phone” settings have accurate information in them (updated phone number if you expect SMS communications, accurately spelt email address if you are expecting email communications). With these fields accurately filled-in, you should receive emails going forward.

staff details

If you book the appointment on behalf of the customer, you will not receive a booking notification.

Any bookings you make directly on your 10to8 calendar, will not push a booking confirmation to you. You will still receive reminders as scheduled, as long as enough notice exists for the reminders.

Your customer will receive all notifications that are set up for them under “Messaging > Customer Messaging”. 

How to set up and delete staff reminders

If you would like your staff to receive reminders of upcoming appointments, you can do this from the “Messaging > Staff Messaging” page of your account.

set reminders

Click on the “Add Reminder” button to configure a reminder for your staff. By default it will look like the following:

staff reminders

From here you can chose the type of reminder that you'd prefer:

staff email remindersstaff SMS reminders

desktop reminders for staff

(Please note: SMS + Desktop Notification are only available on our Basic Plan and above)

If you wish to delete a staff reminder, click on the reminder and click the trash can icon on the right-hand side of the reminder.