Learn how to make bookings with multiple customers.

On 10to8 you have now the ability to book appointments with multiple customers.

To use this feature you just need to go into your Calendar and select a time slot to book.

The booking card will now give you the option to select more than one customer for the booking from the customer selection drop-down menu. 

multi customer booking

For each customer of your booking, you will be able to customize the Consent to contact and their email address as well as their phone number.

To do so you can click on the name of the customer that you want to edit the details for. In the above screenshot, you can see that “Nadia Mancieri” is the staff member selected to be edited on the booking form.

For each booking, you will be able to use all our default facilities to Repeat the appointment, send messages, change or cancel the appointment or add files (currently not available on a customer by customer level).

multi customer booking confirmation

An important note about this option is, if you are offering services at the location “Online/Phone” and have connected your Zoom account to 10to8, this feature would enable to generate and send out to all the attendees of the appointment a unique Zoom link. 

At this time this will only work for appointments booked by you as a staff member!