You can pass the student/client information from your portal to the 10to8 booking widget - 10to8 will capture these fields in the booking flow.


To start with, get your booking widget code from "Online Booking" > "HTML Widgets", and add the additional code highlighted below.


<a id="TTE-d123456-f12c-123c-123a-12ffcf123456" href="" target="_blank">See Online Booking Page</a>

<script src=""></script>



      targetDivId: "TTE-d123456-f12c-123c-123a-12ffcf123456",

      uuid: "d123456-f12c-123c-123a-12ffcf123456",

      name:"John Doe"




Here are the parameters you can pass to 10to8:

  • service - This is the ID for the service you want the customer to book. You can find it in the service-specific URL. If your service-specific URL is, the service id would be 916182.

  • name - customer name.

  • email - customer email.

  • number - customer phone number. Please make sure to include the dialling code for the country of the phone number (e.g. +1 or +44).

It is also possible to pass through answers to the custom bookings questions, which you can set up in "Online Booking" > "Booking Process". Reach out to for assistance with these fields.