If you are running into a “No Available Slots” issue, or if you are missing certain slots, Try the following troubleshooting steps.


Make sure the slot is open for the class on your Calendar

To open up an available slot for a Class Service, you firstly need to book the slot into your calendar. To do so just click on the date and time you want to open up the slot for. Now select the Class Service from the drop-down provided and complete the booking.

When opening up the slot for your Class Booking make sure that you assign a location to the booking, as otherwise, 10to8 cannot show this slot as available.

Make sure your class is not fully booked

To check your class capacity head to “Set Up > Services”, select your class service and look at your option labeled “Type. If the Class Booking option is selected it will give you a number. This number is the maximum number of people allowed to join your class. 

The next thing you want to do is compare this number with the number of people currently signed up to your class booking. Click on your Calendar, and count the number of bookings that have signed up to your class. If both numbers are the same, your class is fully booked out and 10to8 will not show any further slots. 

Check your notice period

The notice period setting limits your customers on how much notice they have to give you before booking with you.

By default, this setting is set to 24 hours. This means your customers can only book for an appointment that is 24 hours in the future at the earliest. 

To adjust this setting, head to “Set Up > Services” and click on the service you wish to adjust. Click the dropdown menu next to the “Online Booking” option labeled “with 24 hours notice”, and you can adjust this accordingly.

Booking notification