System administrator permission for 10to8 account and organisation calendar provider.

Make sure the Staff/Consultant email address on "Set Up" > "Staff" page matches with the email on your third party calendar provider (in case of multiple email addresses, 10to8 will use the first created email address).

Google calendar

Install the Cronofy application in G-suite.

More details can be found here.

Office 365 and Exchange

Create a service account with ApplicationImpersonation role.

Detailed steps can be found here.

Setting up Enterprise Connect calendar sync

Setting up your calendar sync can be useful in many ways, and it is easy. To get started go to "Set Up" > "Calendar Sync".

Select Link all calendars centrally option and click on Set Calendar Sync Authentication Mode:


Click on Connect all staff records to external calendars to authenticate all bookable staffs centrally.

Choose Office 365, Exchange or Google calendar, provide required details for authentication and all bookable staff’s calendars would be linked upon successful authentication.