10to8 offers the most powerful messaging features of any appointment management system.

For every booking, 10to8 will:

  1. Email the details, including when and where, to the customer so that they know everything they need to
  2. Remind the customer by SMS before the booking, to reduce no shows
  3. Email them again if there are any changes to the booking, including if it's cancelled
  4. Follow up with the customer after the booking asking for any feedback and to review the service
  5. ... and much more

Out-of-the-box 10to8 will reduce no-shows considerably by using notification and reminder emails, SMS and Robo-voice calls 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

While 10to8 is doing the hard work for you, there are some things it is useful to know about them:

  • Make sure 10to8 has contact details for the customer. Incorrect or missing contact details are the biggest cause of reminders not being sent.
  • You can see whether the reminders were sent and read by opening a booking.
  • Reminders are only sent if there is time to send them - if you have a 2-day reminder, and a booking is placed 1 day in advance, the reminder will not be sent. If this is likely, you should make sure a confirmation message is sent instead.
  • Reminders are sent for all bookings that are not cancelled. If you have booking requests in your calendar, 10to8 will send reminders for them even if they are not yet confirmed. If you then reject those requests, a rejection message will be sent.