10to8 uses Markdown for email communications and content added to your booking page. You can find out more about the different styling options and how to use them below.


To write a heading, use a # symbol like this:

# Big Heading
## Small Heading


To make text appear in italics, surround it with *s, like this:

Please remember to *bring a change of clothes* to your appointment?


To make text appear bold, surround it with pairs of *s, like this:

Our discount finishes on **Friday** this week.


Bullet point lists

To write a bullet point list, start each line with a * symbol, like this:

* Do not eat for 2 hours before your appointment
* Bring a friend of family member along with you
* Fill in the attached form before your appointment

Numbered lists

To write a numbered list, start each line with a number, like this:

1. Leave the highway at junction 8
2. Drive past the mall and turn right
3. We are after the pet store. Parking is available out front


To include an image, you must have a URL for it. Use the following code:

![10to8 Logo](https://10to8.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/logo-small-min.png)


To include a link please use the following code:

Please click [here](https://10to8.com) to access 10to8!

Please click here to access 10to8!