This article will outline and explain how to use Zoom Video Conferencing with 10to8. 

Here at 10to8 we understand and appreciate the importance of efficient remote communication, and we have therefore made it as simple as possible to integrate Zoom with the 10to8 software.



To install and set up Zoom from within 10to8, follow these steps:

Visit "Set Up" > "Zoom Conferencing" within the left-hand menu. 

screenshot showing set up menu with zoom conferencing tab highlighted

Click "Connect Zoom" to open a new window or tab in Zoom.

screenshot highlighting the connect zoom button

In Zoom, grant access to 10to8 to create meetings on your account.

screenshot showing zoom requesting permission to install 10to8

Once access is granted, you will see a message from 10to8 confirming that the connection has succeeded.

How to disconnect Zoom

In order to uninstall or deauthorize Zoom from within 10to8, follow these steps:

Visit "Set Up" > "Zoom Conferencing" within the left-hand menu.

Click "Disconnect Zoom".

screenshot highlighting the disconnect zoom button


Link Zoom and 10to8 to ensure that all 10to8 bookings that are scheduled to take place at "Online/Phone" have a Zoom meeting link created automatically.

The meeting link is visible on the booking within 10to8 so that you can access it when the time comes. Your client can join the meeting room by clicking the "Join Meeting" button in the booking confirmation and reminder emails sent to them.


"A meeting link does not appear on my booking!"

Make sure that:

  1. You have followed the steps in the Installation section to install it.
  2. The booking is with you, and not another member of staff.
  3. Your booking has a customer attached to it.
  4. Your booking has the "Online/Phone" location selected.

Contact Support

Our support team is available from 6 am to 10 pm UTC Monday to Friday and a few hours over the weekends. During these hours, you will receive initial responses to inquiries within an hour, and detailed responses within 24 hours.

You can receive support in the following ways:

  1. Check out our support material or create a support ticket:
  2. Email
  3. Click the chat icon in the bottom right corner of 10to8 when logged in.