With 10to8’s Salesforce integration helps you manage the following.

  • Create contact, lead in your Salesforce account when an appointment is booked.

  • Promote lead to opportunity automatically when certain types of services are booked

  • Update your contact, lead, opportunity upcoming tasks/events for new appointments when booking with existing contact/lead/opportunity

Steps for Salesforce Integration

  1. Visit “Set Up” > “Salesforce” and click the Salesforce Integration button.

  2. Authenticate your Salesforce account  (This authentication should be done by a staff who is a system admin in 10to8 and Salesforce).

  3. Select the services from the Salesforce Integration page to trigger lead to opportunity promotion.

On every customer, in 10to8, that also has a customer record in Salesforce, there will be a link to the Salesforce record and it will mention the stage this specific lead is in.