With 10to8 you have two options to delete customer profiles, you can either delete them in bulk or one by one.

When deleting a customer record it will delete the customer and all the data related to the customer (name, email, phone number, appointments, etc.). Hence, before doing that you might want to Export their record from Inbox & Reports > Export Data. 

For this article, customers will be referred to as "Customers", but your customers may be known as any of the following in your 10to8 business account: Customers, Clients, Patients, Students, or Trainees.


Deleting a customer

To delete a single customer, find the record you want to delete by heading to "Customers" and searching. Then scroll down to the bottom of the record and hit "Delete Customer".

delete single customer

Deleting customers in bulk

Head to "Customers". If you click on the drop-down arrow next to “+ Add Customer” you will get the option to “Delete All Customers”. You can either just delete all your customers in bulk, or use the “Search” box to narrow down the customers to be deleted. Using this option will delete all customers in the current search result and it will tell you how many customers this is just under the button.

delete customers in bulk