Disclaimer: Content is for informational purpose and should not be used as legal advice for CCPA.

What is CCPA?

CCPA is California’s Consumer Privacy Act; if you have Californians’ user data then you will need to pay attention. The act puts in place new measures to make sure people can know what data is stored about them and how it is used, have control over whether their data is sold to third parties, and are able to request deletion of their information.


There’s a lot more and you can find out about it here.

Is 10to8 CCPA Ready?

Yes. 10to8 takes data privacy seriously and as well as having tools for GDPR (for EU businesses) and HIPAA (US medical businesses) we have made sure we’re ready for CCPA. We have a number of tools that can be used to help your business be ready for CCPA too. As always with data privacy; it is ultimately you who will need to use 10to8 and your other software tools in an appropriate way to make sure you comply with CCPA.

You can read more about the important bits of your 10to8 account to focus on to be CCPA ready here.

What steps should I take to be ready for CCPA?

  • Make sure you know the ‘purpose’ for the information that you have and use

  • Know what data you have and who you share it with, especially if it is sold to third parties.

  • Have a privacy policy that complies with the CCPA guidance

  • Have consent from all your customers to use their data for the purpose for which you hold it (i.e. your privacy policy), including opt-outs if you sell their data to third parties

  • Be ready to respond to requests for access and deletion of client data

  • Read up on CCPA, there’s lots of helpful information online to help you get your business ready

Does 10to8 sell user data to third parties that I need to declare to my clients?

No. 10to8 does not sell any user data to third parties.

Do I need to change the way I manage bookings or take bookings online?

With CCPA, it’s important to get your clients’ consent at the point of booking to collect their data. 10to8’s Opt-ins functionality allows you to ask key questions at booking, and then store and manage those responses (such as permission to use their data). Find out more here

How does 10to8 help me with requests for information or deletion under CCPA?

Access: 10to8 has standard tools to help you access all informations stored in 10to8 on a customer automatically so that you can supply it to them. 

Deletion: We have a standard process for deleting user information in a secure manner.

Remember that under CCPA you must verify that the person requesting the information is either the person in question or a legitimate agent of that person. 

What data do I need to tell my customers I store in 10to8?

That depends how you use 10to8 and what data you store. You are the one who puts data into 10to8 so it is up to you to make sure that it complies with your policies. We believe that a good privacy policy should inform all customers what data you store, how you use it and who you share it with.

10to8 stores and processes client information in the following manner:

  1. For booking appointments so that the Individual User can access 10to8 Client’s facilities and services;

  2. To set up and send reminders for bookings via email, social media platforms and SMS messaging;

  3. To send messages related to specific bookings via email, social media platforms and SMS messaging;

  4. To send general messages to Individual Users when requested to by the Client

Disclaimer: Content is for informational purpose and should not be used as legal advice for CCPA.