Since we update our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy to help you and us to be compliant with GDPR, we thought it might be helpful to show you the key points summarised in an article.

Key Points

Our service

10to8 is a tool to help businesses manage bookings with customers. 10to8 stores and processes personal data on behalf of businesses that use the 10to8 service. To see more about what data we store and how we process information please visit our Terms & Conditions page here.

Your responsibility

It is the responsibility of your business to manage your customers' consent for their data to be stored and processed within 10to8. But don’t worry - we’re here to help. See here for how you can use 10to8 to help you manage customer consent.

Our terms

By using 10to8 you agree to our Ts&Cs.

A Data Processing Agreement is available on request via "Set Up" > "GDPR & HIPAA".

What data we store:

In order to provide services on behalf of Your Business We store the following personal data:

  1. Personal data entered by Your Business to provide Our service;

  2. Personal data inputted by Individual Users in order to create a 10to8 account or place bookings with Your Business;

  3. Specific personal information, for example name, date of birth and gender;

  4. Personal contact information, for example address, telephone number and email address;

  5. and Information relating to the Individual User’s booking and use of Your Business’s facilities, for example, membership or patient number.

What data we process on your behalf:

10to8 processes Individual User Data for the following purposes and in the following manner:

  1. For booking appointments so that the Individual User can access facilities and services;

  2. To set up and send reminders for bookings via email, social media platforms and SMS messaging;

  3. To send messages related to specific bookings via email, social media platforms and SMS messaging;

  4. To send general messages at the request of Your Business to Your Users;

  5. To improve the provision of Our services;

and will not otherwise process or use Individuals’ Data.