This article is an overview of how you can use 10to8 to obtain, store and manage customer consent (opt-ins) for your privacy, and other company policies. It covers:

  • Setting mandatory opt-in questions

  • Managing customer opt-in records

  • Seeking consent for all your customers at once

A customer will need to agree to all opt-in questions that you set in order to place a booking. To set non-mandatory ‘information’ questions please see this article.

How to set opt-in questions

To set your opt-in questions - what your customers can opt-in to - go to “Online Booking” > “Booking Process”.

You can add your own questions via the “Add New Opt-In Question” button. Please be aware that once you set an opt-in question live it can not be edited. 

If you want to change an op-in question you can do this by deleting the current question and creating a new one. Opt-in responses to the old question will be stored.

10to8 has a default question that makes sure we have permission to take the customers details to make a booking. We ask this question at booking and it cannot be changed. 

What does the customer see?

The customer sees the opt-in questions at booking. They can give their consent by simply clicking at the tick box provided. They must agree to all the opt-in questions that you have set in order to place a booking - to set non-mandatory questions please see this article.

How to manage 10to8 records of customer opt-ins

Customer consent to Opt-ins is stored on the customer record. 10to8 will also store and report the last time the consent was changed - for example when it was last given or revoked.

You can also edit these consents directly yourself. This way you can manage consent for your opt-ins directly. For example, if a customer agrees to your opt-ins over the phone or if you maintain a record of customer consent elsewhere; you can simply tick the box to let 10to8 know.

How to ask all my customers for consent at once

You can use our bulk email feature to message all your customers at once to seek consent to your opt-ins. This is done in three steps in the Customers section:

1) Select the customers that you want to message

In the Customers section of 10to8 use the search tool or the filters to select which customers you would like to message. The customers in the “Found ... customers” list will be the ones that 10to8 will send your opt-in email to.

2) Refine the message you want to send

Click on the 3 line icon next to “Add Customer”. Click on the “Send Opt-In Email” button. You can now see and edit the message that will go out on the right-hand side.

On the right-hand side, you can see the draft message that will be sent out to the customers you have selected.

3) Edit and send!

You can edit the message to go out to your customers asking for consent at the top and see what the email will look like in the preview.

We have prepared a default message for EU GDPR consent, but you can change this to fit your business and the opt-ins that you require or would like to manage.

When you’re happy with your message hit the button at the bottom right “Ask … customers for consent”. This will then email the customers you have selected asking for consent, and the customer responses will be saved against their customer records.