On 10to8 you can bulk-import your contacts or existing customers in one go. 

To do this simply head to "Customers" > "Import Customers"

You can complete an import in just two steps:

  1. Export your existing contacts into an XLS/XLSX file. Please note, your file should contain the following rows in this order:  Name, Phone, Email, Address.

  2. Upload the file by going to "Customers" > "Import Customers".

We usually import the following customer fields:

  • Name = Customers full name

  • Email = Customers email address

  • Phone = Customers phone number

  • Address = Customers full address

  • Other custom fields = All other columns with different headers will be uploaded as other information.

Importing is a great way to start managing customers from a central online location and will also allow you to invite customers to book online with you.