If your business has "Online/Phone" turned on as a location, and you have customers located in different time zones from yours, this means that 10to8 will make your appointments automatically happen in the correct time zone for both you and your customer!

In this support article we will guide you through:

Saving and editing customers time zones

First of all, let's see how 10to8 will determine your customer's time zone. 

When your customer books themselves for an Online/Phone service on your booking page, we will save into their customer record the time zone which they will have selected for the appointment:

customer timezone

When you create a customer record in your customer database, by default it takes the business' timezone. You can change the customer's time zone on a customer record after it has been created.

To change the timezone on behalf of a customer,  go under "Customers", use the "+ Add Customer" button and use the drop-down next to the "Timezone" option to select the one you want to apply.

change timezone on behalf of customer


When a customer makes a booking, we will also use the customer's browser's settings to determine their time zone.

it is important that your customers check that their browser's locale is set up correctly and it does match with the time zone they want to make the appointment at.

Booking an appointment for a customer in a different time zone

Once you have adjusted the Timezone for your customer, you may book an appointment for them either in your diary directly, or using the "Book" button on their profile as per the screenshot below. 

book appointment in a different timezone

When entering the time for the appointment on the booking form, you will be able to select either yours, your customer's or your organisation's timezone. See example below:


You can just easily enter it in your timezone the customer will still receive reminders showing the times in their own time zone!

Troubleshooting Time Zones issues in your customer's communications

"Why my customer is seeing the wrong Time Zone in their booking notifications?"

If your customer seems to be having trouble with the time zone showing in their booking confirmation or reminders, try checking the following:

  1. Check the time zone on the customer's record. If it is incorrect, you can set it to the time zone they expect.
  2. If you made the booking for the customer, check that you selected the correct time zone when making the booking.
  3. Ask the customer to check the time zone of their email client and calendar. The email and calendar software will often convert the time zone of the calendar invitation into what it believes is the user's time zone.
  4. Ask the customer to check the locale and time zone of the device they use to make online bookings. 10to8 attempts to ask the customer's browser what time zone it is in when a customer makes an online booking for a service at the Online/Phone location. 
    • If the customer's device and the browser are in the wrong time zone, each time a customer makes a new online booking, the time zone on the customer's record will be set to the wrong time zone, even if you have previously corrected for them.